Worst Car Accident Injuries You Can Get from a Car Accident

Worst car accident injuries

To make life easy and speedy, it is essential to have a car. But what will happen if this car becomes the reason for your injury. So, in this article, you will get to know about the worst car accident injuries that a victim can experience.

It does not even take a second to occur an accident. But a tremendous amount of time and money is required for recovery. Some accidents are so dangerous that the injured person dies on the spot.

To solve all these issues and to get compensation from the defaulter, it is vital to get in touch with a car accident lawyer. Have some time to keep reading the below information to know everything related to a car accident in detail.

Worst Car Accident Injuries

Though a car accident injury can be life-threatening and severe, some are even worse than that. If you or your loved one accidentally go through this, it will need a long and arduous time to recover.

Therefore, some of those accidents type are described below. Take the victim to the hospital immediately to avoid any long term side-effect.

Brain Injuries

During driving a car, the head does not remain protected as wearing a helmet is not essential. Moreover, many do not even wear a seat belt. So, there is a 90% chance that the brain may get injured during a car accident.

According to a study, about 50 lack Canadians suffer from brain injury every year after a car accident. It is one of the worst injuries that a victim can ever experience. The result of such damage is permanent and makes the victim somewhat disable. The blood gets clog into the brain, and as a result, the victim can become blind, deaf, or lose memory. About one-third of the people suffering from brain injury die at last.

Facial Injuries

The face is an essential part of the body as the opposite people can identify us through it. But a severe injury to your face can change your total appearance. Furthermore, the scratches leftover are permanent and terrible.

Sometimes the victims require several skin grafts and cosmetic surgeries. Even the surgeons promise to repair the injuries; the sufferer will never get back the previous look again. These consequences can lead to severe emotional trauma and depression.

Damage of Internal Organs

One of the life-threatening injuries is the damage of internal organs. It is very much severe and requires emergency surgery and diagnosis. Such injuries are commonly caused due to fractured ribs by a puncture.

Moreover, it can turn deadly within no time if not treated quickly. The most difficult part is to stop the internal bleeding, which permanently damages the organ and is a direct way to reach death.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is very much essential to stand straight and walk freely. But a serious injury to the spinal cord can lead the victim to become paralyzed entirely for the rest of his life. Furthermore, spinal cord tears, bone fragments, and disc rupture can damage signal transmission between the body and the brain.

This can even lead to loss of function in extremities and feeling. Permanent paralysis is overwhelming and can completely change the life of the victim. He has to continue his life in such a way that he is half dead.

Neck And Back Injuries

The most common lower back and neck injuries that a victim can experience after a car accident are strains, sprain, herniated discs, and whiplash. Disc injury and cervical dislocation are also usual, debilitating, and painful. These injuries cause mobility impairment and major pain.

At first, they feel normal, but over time these injuries turn into horrific pain. Therefore, the victim has to bear this disability throughout his life, resulting in low self-esteem.

Minor Car Accident Injuries

Despite all the above injuries, there are also some minor injuries that a victim can experience. These might not be life-threatening, but no what less than that.

Knee Injuries

During a car accident, the victim can hurt his knee in a few ways. The knee can get hit against the dashboard, and due to this, the knee cap can be shattered. Moreover, the driver can be hurt at the time of pressing the brakes too hard. As a result, the tissues or ligaments can get torn. So, to recover it, the victim has to go through expensive surgeries.

Shoulder Injuries

The main reason behind shoulder injuries is not to wear a seat belt while riding the car. And that is why, according to the rules, it is vital to wear seatbelts. So, in case if you have an accident, your shoulder cannot face the consequences of muscle tears, strains, or bruising.

Many do not experience it as it is more like a hidden injury. Visit a doctor immediately if you go through any sort of muscle pain after a car accident.

Psychological Trauma

The people who experience car accident with minimal injuries can become mentally and emotionally traumatized more often. Some can even go through phobias of driving or post-traumatic stress disorder. These issues affect car accident victims’ personal, work, and social lives, causing financial problems and further emotional damage.

Reasons for Car Accident

There are several reasons for which the accident might occur. Both the rear and lead driver can be at fault for this. Therefore, the possible causes are described below.

Careless Driving

Some drivers drive a car very carelessly. They do not even look at who is around them. Whenever they want to change their lane or route, they do. Some even intake alcohol while driving, and most of the occurrences create due to this.

Breaking The Traffic Rules

It is essential to follow all the traffic rules if you are on the road with a vehicle. It is not only beneficial for your health but also for the people around you. So, you need to run your car according to the traffic lights’ indication and wear the seat belt always to avoid any accident.

Sudden Brake

Whenever you are on the road with a vehicle driving at high speed, never reduce the speed suddenly. You may not notice that a car is behind you, and when you break, he can strike you and your car so bad.

Sudden Turn

Some driver takes sudden turns whenever they are on a highway. They rarely focus on the other vehicle that is behind, left, or right side of them.

Doing Other Stuff

Many people tend to do other stuff while driving. These can be like listening to music, scrolling the phone, eating, talking to the side person or over the phone, and many others. All these make the driver distract from his main work, which is driving.

Bad Weather

Bad weather means very much fog outside, heavy rain, or many more. Sometimes the driver does not see clearly what is behind or in front of him. As a result, severe accidents can occur, including death.

How to Avoid Car Accident Injuries

The rate of car accident injuries needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. Every day new people are visiting the hospital after going through severe car accidents. Among them, many even die on the spot. So, the possible ways to avoid such inconvenience are as follows:

  • Do not drive whenever you are drunk
  • Give a signal if you are going to turn your car
  • Follow the traffic rules
  • Focus on driving dutifully than other tasks
  • Wear the seat belt
  • Do not drive a problematic car
  • Have a look at the other vehicle, and people walking on the road

Car Accident Lawyer Help for Claiming Compensation

A car accident lawyer can help the victim of the accident to get all types of compensation required from the defaulter party. If the opposite party is the defaulter, he will surely try to give some to no payment at all. In this case, only a lawyer can help you to know the correct amount of money that you should get as a victim.

He will calculate the amount that you require during the treatment, operation, repairing the car, and many more. But, if the accident occurs due to another reason, your lawyer will try his level best to get compensation from the insurance company.

We have enough experience in this field and will re-investigate the mishap to prove your innocence. We suggest you contact us at AIRDRIE LAWYER. You can receive your hospital bills, lost salaries, and other compensations through us.

The Bottom Line

Car accidents are very much familiar that is frequently seen on the roads. The result of such an accident can be both major and minor. But the vital inconvenience that a victim can experience is death.

Therefore, you have already known about the worst car accident injuries that a person can go through. Moreover, the possible ways to minimize the rate of accidents was also given above. Yet, if you or your loved one is going through such a situation, he needs a doctor and lawyer’s help.

The lawyer can help you get fair compensation through which you will be able to do your treatment adequately and repair your car.

FAQ: Worst Car Accident Injuries

In this section, we tried to answer the most common questions asked by the people. So, read them carefully not to have any further doubt.

What Kind of Injuries Can Happen in a Car Accident?

A person can have major to minor injuries depending on the type of accident. The minor damage can be external bleeding due to scratches, and the significant harm can be organ damage. But some people also die on eth spot due to the seriousness of the accident.

What Injuries Cause Death in Car Accident?

It is nothing new that a victim dies in a car accident. The possible injuries that can cause death are internal injuries of many organs. But the time may defer, like the victim died on the spot, way to the hospital, or after a few days of treatment.

Can You Survive a Car Crash at 80 mph?

At this speed, there is a 5% chance of occurring a fatal accident. But this speed is dangerous for a pedestrian. There is more than a 90% chance that on the spot, the pedestrian will die.

Which Organ is The Most Frequently Injured During a Motor Vehicle Accident?

The most frequently injured organ during a motor vehicle accident is the head. Most of the time, the head does not remain protected with a helmet, and when the head gets hit with a heavy object, there is less possibility that the person will survive.



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