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Think you are going on a road trip with your friends. It feels exciting, right? Only thinking about that trip makes you excited. Imagine how exciting the journey would be.

But what if you bump your car with another one and get injured while driving? The damage you and your vehicle may get from it can’t ever be erased.

The worst types of road abuse might easily come in first with brake checks. The damage you can get from only this one brake would be irreparable. So while driving your vehicle, you must learn about why people brake check and other aspects of brake checking.

What is brake checking?

Brake checking or brake testing occurs when a driver purposefully presses the brakes repeatedly. It all starts with a driver driving too near to the rear bumper of your vehicle. The driver in front of you will brake, but there will be no one in their path. That is, they are merely using the brakes, which is against traffic rules.

The meaning of a brake check boils down to one driver attempting to induce the unwary driver behind to collide, annoy, or go around the automobile.

On the other hand, drivers often brake check to signal their proximity to the vehicle in front of them. You can use brake checking as a warning to other vehicles who are following too closely.

Brake checking while driving is not risky in these conditions. A brake check, on the other hand, is a dangerous driving practice.

Why is Brake Checking a Thing

On the roads, you will meet a lot of saddening road hazards. But a brake check can be the worst one you have ever seen. Whenever any vehicle tries to do such a stunt around you, you are allowed to road rage and sue him.

Whenever you intentionally hit your brake on the road, it also makes the driver behind you hit his brakes. Therefore it can automatically lead to a bad accident that can make you suffer. Usually, the bikers are the reason for these kinds of accidents.

Why Do Drivers Brake Check

There are several reasons a driver can check the brake during a journey. Some of the prominent reasons may include:

Road Rage

You will definitely not like anybody overtaking you while driving your bike on an empty road. You do not like this and may try to surpass that driver out of rage to get your sweet revenge. It leads to a temporary bitterness among the drivers.

The bikers usually do these kinds of stunts. Any other vehicle overtaking them can’t be accepted by any means. Therefore, they try to apply this brake check method to them. Thus, the other car might get crashed or deviate far away, hitting hard.

Besides bikes, cars also tend to show road rage while driving. Getting frustrated over anything makes them vent it out on the road and brake check. You may even randomly check your brakes, but that can’t be fair on busy streets.

PTSD Sufferer

If you have PTSD, it can be a reason for sudden brake checks. Though it is quite rare among the drivers, it can be seen in the drivers who were ever victims of any bad accident. Those flashbacks can hit while on the road and can be anxious.

Their anxiety can suddenly increase their heart rate, and they may have difficulty holding the accelerator or brake. In this situation, these drivers may tap the brake urgently and do a brake check.

Insurance Money

You will receive insurance for each vehicle you have. You will receive good payment for your car if it undergoes any damage. But only if that damage is done through an accident caused by anyone else.

Many dishonest drivers of vehicles, most drivers of cars and trucks, apply this tactic. They deliberately try to crash with any other vehicle and cause slight damage. That little damage would bring the money out for them.

In such cases, they can even sue you for being an attacker and make you pay for their mental distress.

Why Do People Brake Check Trucks

You must have seen trucks driving harshly on the road. Truck drivers are mostly brake checked on the road. Have you ever thought about why the drivers do it? Well, there is a strong reason behind it.

Trucks carry an enormous amount of weight on them. It makes driving quite hard for them. They always tend to move faster and reach their destination early. Because of the weight and speed, it is quite difficult for them to pull the brakes suddenly.

That is why truck drivers have to be kept on brake check the whole time. It makes their drive safe. Also, dishonest drivers cannot trick them into an accident and get insurance money with deceitful means.

Laws About Brake Checking in Canada

You must have experienced being followed by another vehicle that was uncomfortable closely. Such a short distance is not only frustrating but also dangerous. Though this kind of action is unacceptable, you must follow the rules so that none of the activities go against you.

A brake check is considered a form of uncontrolled driving. However, it can infrequently be a reasonable move to give a dishonest driver a lesson.

But it can cause a life-taking accident at any moment. You will be just as accountable as or even more than the reckless driver if you brake one of these drivers.

Therefore, brake checking is illegal in Canada. It is a punishable act, and the driver who illegally break-checked can get up to 14 years of imprisonment or an unlimited fine based on the accident due to this evil deed.

What to Do as a Victim of Brake Checking?

It can be hard to claim the risks you were into while brake checking. The driver in front would surely mention an obstacle to prove their brake checking right. Well, in this case, you will need to show proof.

At first, you would need to gather spectators, video clips or reports of the accident. You must require them to prove your situation. Without your evidence, you would be unable to grant your compensation through the court.

The best step would be to communicate with a lawyer who would do his best to help you. A lawyer would know every necessary steps to turn this brake-checking case to your side and get you justice.

To Conclude

Any brake-checking reason that endangers your life can’t be justified at all. These kinds of acts must be prohibited and taken into law interest. Otherwise, they will be more involved in these acts endangering lives.

We know how hard the situation can be for you. You must consult a lawyer to get the proper compensation. That can also be your session with your psychologist, where you need to cure the mental distress that reckless driver provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do brakes check trucks?

People brake check trucks because, due to the sheer weight of the vehicle, truck drivers must react considerably faster and harder than any other road user; it also takes them longer to speed up again.

Should you brake check a tailgater?

No, not legally. Tailgating has many more negative implications than pleasant ones. If you brake check the other driver, you could be charged with reckless driving, suffer serious injuries, and be held accountable for the accident.

Why do people break check after overtaking?

Brake-checking is when a driver slams on his brakes in front of another vehicle to slow, if not completely stop it. A common cause is tailgating or following too closely. Passing a heavy truck and then slowing down might be dangerous.

What should i do if i am break checked?

If you collide with someone because they brake checked you, do not admit fault. Call the cops from the scene of the collision. Instead of apologizing to the other driver, ask for his or her name and insurance information while staying cordial.




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