What to Do after a Slip And Fall Accident?

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What to Do after a Slip And Fall Accident?

An injury can change a lot of things in your life. Suddenly you may need money just after a slip and fall injury. If you are a serviceman, your working hours can be suspended, and there is no guarantee that you’ll get compensation for treatment.

More than that, you better be aware of what to do if you face any such situation. Thus, you must read on to know what to do after a slip and fall accident.

Here’s how…

7 Things to do after a slip and fall accident

Did you know that a slip and fall case can bring a lot of money for you? But who wishes to be a victim of it just to get some money? If it is the only reason that the person responsible for an accident should go through a trial, make it be it.

Follow the below steps after a slip and fall accident.

Look for medical help

Treatment is a must immediately after an accident. The medical checkup ensures if a victim has any severe injury. Besides, it helps the person to get over the trauma and recover soon.

Another reason why you must not neglect to go to your doctor is the documentation of your accident. The insurance company starts following everything you do after an accident.

The bills and prescription will always talk for you. Moreover, the reports from the doctor could be strong evidence to support your claim against the person accountable.

Take a photo of the site

Don’t forget to take photos of the scene of the accident that took place. That may work as strong evidence later. At the same time, it would be easy to determine that what caused the accident.

At any accident site, every single sign is potential evidence. You never know what can be proven as a strong point for the plaintiff later in court. Make sure you are also taking pictures of your wounds if there are any.

We must remind you not to delay. Evidence might disappear at any time naturally or by any person. For example, the water or ice causing the slip and fall may not exist as they were at the moment of slip and fall.

Report the accident

Filing a case on slip and fall accidents may seem not necessary. Negligence makes the case weak and gives the other party the chance to claim against you. An official report is standard documentation that the court takes as serious material to consider your case.

So, the first step after standing on your feet and getting the evidence is to report. Ensure that the landlord or anyone owning the place receives your report and gives you a copy of their acknowledgment. Don’t wait for the police report. Just play your role.

Talk to your lawyer

Once you have got over all the formalities and recovered from your injury, call your lawyer. A lawyer will tell the best what to do and not to. From handling the insurance matters to negotiating for your injury claims, everything needs to be maintained under an experienced lawyer.

As slip and fall cases are not as simple as it occurs, the best outcome will come if the lawyer plays his/ her role. The evidence you collected will be fulfilled after a lawyer represents them in the right way.

Not only that, your lawyer will try his/ her best to bring the best justice for you in the smoothest way possible. In fact, hiring a lawyer is the 1st on the list after a slip and fall accident.

Investigate the scene

During the court session, naturally, it will be a valid question that what caused slip and fall. It might be because of the irresponsibility of the place owner or negligence. The floor or surface could be slippery due to water, grease, other liquid, or even a banana peel.

Even the exiting duration of the substance can be a big factor in suing the place-owner or relieving from the charge. As you are the victim, you must not miss noticing what caused you injured.

Identify your witness

Get detailed information about the people who witnessed your accident. Be it their name, address, telephone number, etc. It is best if you include the people who are local, like shopkeepers, in the list.

Also, if possible, record their initial expression and statement who witnessed your accident. The court might call the person/ people, which could make your claim stronger. Keep contacting them as long as your case is running.

Note things

You cannot expect your memory to be precisely the same about an accident after a week or a month. Write down every possible detail about the accident that seems relevant for the court session.

Even, also your pain, injuries, and symptoms after the accident. Your lawyer will later put together everything and fight for your claim.

What Should You Not Do?

Remember, something you shouldn’t do is also part of what to do after a slip and fall accident.

  • Don’t share your incident on any social media
  • Stay away from communicating with any strangers there
  • Avoid any interviews
  • Don’t let your information reach the insurance company

Also, don’t go for any financial or other settlement with the other party without discussing it with your lawyer. Sometimes people don’t think about their pain firsthand. Instead, they rush to sue the responsible. But, the physical condition of a victim should be the priority.

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Final Words

An accident is enough to put a person in a trauma, be it major or minor. We cannot expect a person to be calm after an accident. But, the victim should hold control and think clearly. Most often, a person experiencing slip and fall does know what to do.

We suggest you take the benefit as a citizen the law of justice and states provide cause it’s your right. A good lawyer will enlighten you more with valuable advice. So, never hesitate to contact a lawyer. And, also walk carefully. Have a good day!



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