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What Is Jaywalking

What is jaywalking? Jaywalking is one common phenomenon that is both dangerous and should be illegal everywhere. However, in Canada, it is not technically illegal. It can endanger not only the pedestrian’s life but other’s life too.

Walking is fun; walking is healthy. But have you ever thought that walking could make you end up in jail? Yes, it can. Walking in the wrong place or the wrong time can do so. Reckless crossing or Jaywalking is one of them.

But what is jaywalking actually, and is it illegal? If these are the things you have in mind, then this is the place you should be. We have designed today’s article to answer all the questions.

Let’s start!

What is Jaywalking in Canada?

Jaywalking is the term often used to refer to reckless crossing of the street. It is you walk or cross the road without following the rules or outside the zebra crossing or over-bridge.

When there is an accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian, it is the pedestrian who suffers the most. Usually, it seems like the driver’s fault. However, the pedestrian can make himself be the cause of the incident if he jaywalks.

A study warns that the recklessness of the pedestrian is present in one of every three accidents. People who walk on the tracks must be aware of the dangerous situation that they can cause when they commit recklessness. It is not about avoiding pedestrian fines but about driving on urban roads safely.

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Is Jaywalking Illegal in Canada? Can You go to Jail for Jaywalking?

There are no certain and clear rules about jaywalking in the Canada highway traffic act when it comes to legality. It is immoral and dangerous but not illegal, at least technically.

However, some parts of Canada have some regulations or by-laws to prevent pedestrians from jaywalking.

For example- according to Toronto by-law, it is not illegal to jaywalk until and unless you interfere with the traffic rules.

So, When is It Legal to Jaywalk?

Like we said when you do not interfere with the traffic. The traffic rules Canada does not give clear instruction.

Let me elaborate. You can cross the road or jaywalk on the following occasions:

  • If you are on a road where there is no crosswalk or over-bridge to cross the road;
  • When there is no vehicle approaching;
  • If you want to cross mid-block, make sure the road is empty;

Fortunately, jaywalking is not a crime. But nonetheless, you should be careful and remember that a tiny recklessness can cause fatal results.

Can You Go to Jail for Jaywalking?

Unfortunately, yes, you can.

Although it is not technically a crime, jaywalking can be considered a violation of traffic rules. And like any other violation of rules, police can arrest you. Of course, you won’t be jailed directly for jaywalking but something connected to the incident.

For example, if you refuse to pay the fine or argue while the traffic police warn you about jaywalking. Or if you deliberately endanger others’ life by jaywalking, it is a pretty good reason to arrest you.

But then again, most of the time, a fine is sufficient.

What are the Pedestrian Crossing Rules in Canada?

First of all, let us turn to the Rules of the Road safety for pedestrians, which provides for the duties of a pedestrian. Since the pedestrian, like the driver, is a road user, his behavior on the road is regulated in some detail:

  • You can cross the street only through specially designed crossings (ground, underground);
  • If there are none, then along the sidewalk line (if there is no sidewalk, along the sidewalk line);
  • A pedestrian is obliged to assess the traffic situation. And, having fully convinced himself of the safety and good visibility of moving cars, he should start moving;
  • A pedestrian can cross the road without special markings only if the road is clearly visible in both directions. Visibility must not be obstructed by a number of parked cars, special equipment, buildings, etc.;
  • You must not interfere with other road users, provoke emergency situations;
  • A pedestrian crossing the street must move without stopping (without a good reason). It is often possible to observe such “indecisive” on the sidelines. However, It is not clear whether he intends to walk, but in the end, he remained standing. It is extremely difficult to understand whether a person will cross the road or not in such situations. Traffic rules directly stipulate that such behavior is unacceptable. It misleads drivers and sometimes causes an accident;

As you can see, the number of pedestrian rules is quite large. At the same time, among the population, knowledge of these rules is at a rather low level.

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What is Jaywalking Law in Canada?

We have probably mentioned quite sometimes that there is no serious punishment in Canadian law for jaywalking. But there are some consequences of this action.

The punishments vary from province to province, with fines ranging from 30 CAD to 700CAD. The amount will depend on the severity of the offense.

How Do I Stay Safe as a Pedestrian?

According to figures from several studies, many pedestrians are killed or seriously injured each year due to jaywalking.

To overcome this distressing observation, here are five golden tips for the safety of a pedestrian:

  1. Take the pedestrian crossing well: This means avoiding as much as possible to cross anywhere and anyhow.
  2. Do not cross blindly: Even if the pedestrian has priority, it is necessary to look well on both sides of the road before entering.
  3. Stay on guard: This implies watching what is happening on your right and on your left throughout your crossing.
  4. Catch the driver’s gaze: If you look the driver in the eye, they’ll know you’ve seen them, and you’ll know it’s safe to cross.
  5. Make sure you are visible: In bad weather or in the dark, a pedestrian dressed in dark clothing is almost invisible, even to an attentive motorist. Bright clothes or clothes with reflective bands will do you a great service.

What if You Get Hit?

If you’re hit by a car while jaywalking, gather the driver’s details, see your doctor, even if you believe you’re alright, and see a lawyer. If there were any witnesses, make sure they stayed to speak with the cops when they arrived.

If the individual who hit you departs the scene, attempt to acquire their license plate number as well as any other information you can about the vehicle.

What if You Hit a Jaywalker?

Even when not at a crosswalk, it is critical for drivers to be vigilant and on the lookout for pedestrians. If you strike a pedestrian, remember that the onus is always on the driver unless you can show that you acted correctly.

If you hit someone who is jaywalking while driving, it is critical that you stay on the scene, check on them, and exchange information with them. Ensure that witnesses remain on the site once again.

Final Verdict

While jaywalking seems not such a serious offense, it actually can have a grave outcome. Jaywalking often jeopardizes the lives of people. However, if you are a victim of an accident due to jaywalking, you may need to talk to an expert lawyer to sort the problem out. Otherwise, it can be used against you when you seek compensation. Hopefully, now you know what is jaywalking. If you have any further inquiry, please don’t hesitate to reach us. We would love to have few words on your issue.


FAQ: What Is Jaywalking

Question-1: What is Jaywalking?

Answer: Jaywalking is the term often used to refer to reckless crossing of the street.

Question-2: Why is it Called Jaywalking?

Answer: There is an idea that the word ‘Jay’ was used for specifying an idiot or a dull person. And, as Jaywalking occurs mostly because of the carelessness of pedestrians, this might be the origin of the word.

Question-3: Is Jaywalking a Misdemeanor?

Answer: Yes. It is a careless act that can cause serious injury and even death.

Question-4: Is There a Law Against Jaywalking?

Answer: In some places jaywalking is illegal. Somehow, it is technically illegal in some places also.

Question-5: Do pedestrians have the right of way in Canada?

Answer: No, the pedestrians in Canada do not have this right as a whole idea. However, some people may think that jaywalking is okay, and in some cases, it is allowed. Like, it is safe to walk, or there is no sideway.



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