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Driving without Insurance in Alberta Featured Image

Driving without Insurance in Alberta – Risks, Fines & Consequences

Like in other parts of Canada, driving without insurance has several consequences. Fundamentally, it’s not a criminal act. But you will have many other risks that you will find out in this article. Continue reading to know what exactly happens if caught driving without insurance. What is the ‘Driving without Insurance’ Law in Alberta? Vehicle […]

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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Alberta Featured Image

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Alberta

Did you ever get confused while driving, like whether you should split lanes or not? It happens. The widespread consensus is that doing so is forbidden everywhere in the world. Yet, one of the most common questions is whether lane splitting is legal in Alberta. If not, what should we do? Well, lane splitting reduces […]

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Is Brake Checking Illegal in Canada Featured Image

Is Brake Checking Illegal in Canada

You may have faced the deliberate practice of repeatedly pumping or slamming brakes without warning the vehicles behind. Didn’t you find it unfair and dangerous? No wonder it is, and brake checking is an illegal action indeed. They may do this to surprise you to cause a collision purposely. No matter where you are, this […]

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