Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule in Alberta: The Definite Guide

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Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule

Statutory accident benefits schedule in Alberta is fundamental for everybody living in Alberta, Canada. Auto accidents are happening more frequently in Airdrie, AB, Canada. So, keeping that in mind, our experienced lawyers explained everything you should know about the benefit schedule of statutory accidents in Alberta.

If you are involved in an auto accident and if you have any car insurance policy. Then you may entitle to some sort of insurance benefits. The insurance company will try to compensate for the losses and damages that you had in the accident.

All accident cases are not the same. Some accident ends up with some serious damages and losses. On the other hand, some accident only involves will some minor injuries. That is why the compensation will depend on the accident scenario and circumstances.

So, in this writing, we are going to describe everything that you need to know about Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule in Alberta. So keep reading!

Statutory Accident Benefits

Nowadays, automobile accident becomes so common worldwide. So, if you or your loved one is involved in an auto accident, then there are some kinds of losses and damages in that accident. If so, then you may be entitled to some kinds of accident benefits from your insurance company. There is something called Statutory accident benefits (i.e., SABS).

Statutory accident benefits mainly cover and pay for the hospital or medical expenses that are not generally covered by the typical provincial healthcare plan. Medical care expenses may include the expenses of all medical bills, future treatment costs, nursing costs, and so on. Not only just medical expenses but also some necessary expenses are covered by the statutory accident benefits.

The main purpose of statutory accident benefit is to provide some financial relief to the victim or injured person. But unfortunately, insurance company benefits have some flaws. They always try to minimize the settlement amount and protect their bottom line. On the contrary, an experienced accident lawyer can help you in order to maximize the benefits.

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage

In Canada, statutory accident benefits cover so many things. For instance, it may include income replacement benefits, hospital expenses, rehabilitation, caregiver benefits, and so on. Across the Canadian provinces, the benefits can differ depending on the place you are living.

Sometimes, it is because of the situation and the aspects of the insurance act. But commonly, they all provide the same benefits coverage in multiple sections. Statutory accident benefits schedule in Alberta has everything you need about it divided into several sections in the official guideline. So below are given some of basic forms of accident benefits briefly.

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  • Income replacement

After an accident, it is common to have some lost income or wages. Sometimes, you may not be able to work for a long period of time. In that case, when you are not able to work, the insurance company will pay you compensation as your income replacement.

In some cases, when the accident causes permanent disability to the victim, then the insurance company will offer non-earner benefits. You can also be eligible for these non-earner benefits when you are not qualified for the income replacement benefits. Even an unemployed or a student also can avail of these benefits.

When you are the only earning member of your family and when you have to take care of your dependents. In that case, if you are injured and no longer able to work and provide all these things to a child or aging parent. Then you may qualify for the caregiver benefits from the insurance company.

  • Hospital and medical care benefits

If your injuries are not that serious, then again, the insurance company will compensate some amount for the damages that you had. Nonetheless, if your injuries require long-term treatment, surgeries, and physiotherapy, then the insurance benefits will cover all these things.

And you will be entitled to these medical care benefits. In some cases, after an accident, you may need to go through some counseling, home modifications to go back to your normal life. In such cases, they will provide rehabilitation benefits for you.

  • Death benefits

Suppose an accident causes death to you or your loved one. Then you will be entitled to the death benefits from the insurance company. The insurance company should pay the death benefits within 4 months. They will most likely provide the maximum amount of compensation as the death benefits.

In this case, the victim is not even concerned about the funeral costs. The insurance company should handle and covers funeral-related costs. And the costs will be within the specified limit as per the insurance company’s policy.

  • Optional accident benefits

Generally, optional accident benefits increase the amount of settlement from the insurance company. Optional accident benefits may include the expenses for lost education, housekeeping, maintenance expenses, and so on when you had to stop your education for the accident.

Then you will be eligible for lost education benefits. In some cases, when your family members will visit you in the hospitalization period. There might be some sort of expenses. Some insurance companies will also cover that expenses. House maintaining costs will also fall under these optional benefits.

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Accident Benefits for Minor Injuries

According to the statutory accident benefits schedule (SABS), minor injuries may include sprain, contusion, laceration, etc. If you have suffered from any of these or any other minor injuries, you may be entitled to minor injury benefits or general benefits. The statutory accident benefits schedule in Alberta also mentioned the benefits of minor injuries from any auto accident.

This benefit will cover the medical and rehabilitation expenses of the victim, and the benefit can be $30,000 to 60,000 depending on the injuries or the damages. The insurance company will not cover the caregiving or house maintaining expenses for minor injury cases.

Accident Benefits for Non-Catastrophic Injuries

Generally, non-catastrophic injuries are neither minor injuries nor catastrophic injuries. But it is still a sort of major injuries. If you have suffered from any kind of non-catastrophic injuries, then the insurance company may provide you more accident benefits than minor injury cases.

The basic benefits for non-catastrophic injuries are medical and hospital expenses. Non-catastrophic benefit also includes attendant care benefits. The amount of these benefits can be up to $60000 prior to future expenses.

Accident Benefits for Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are always considered major injuries. These injuries may include paralysis, major injury in the spine, and serious brain damages. In some cases, the broken arm or ligaments, loss of vision are also considered catastrophic injuries.

The compensation or the benefits would be maximum in such injury cases. As a general benefit, the insurance company will cover your medical and hospital expenses. Even, they will also cover your house maintenance expenses and also caregiver benefits.

Automobile Accident Benefits Service

In order to avail of the automobile accident benefit service, the first thing you need to do is to apply for it. You need to be eligible to get the auto accident benefits. If you qualify for that, then you need to collect all the necessary papers and initiate the process.

If everything goes right, then you will get a response soon from your insurance company. Then you need to prove that you were the victim in that incident. After that, you need to respond to the opposite party’s claim. Then you need to appeal for compensation for the loss that you had in the accident.

There are some judicial costs that you need to pay before the appeal process. After that, an insurer from your insurance company will review your claim. And then they will most like to provide you the compensation that you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answered some commonly asked questions about statutory accident benefits schedule in Alberta, Canada.

What is the statutory accident benefits schedule?

The statutory accident benefits schedule is a basic regulation according to the insurance act of Alberta. It usually provides or covers accident benefits to a victim of an accident. That coverage includes almost every damages or loss, such as; lost income, medical and hospital bills, and other expenses.

But in order to be eligible for those benefits, one needs to prove that s/he was the victim in that accident. That is why one needs to deal with some legal processes. No matter if you were the driver or passenger or a pedestrian. If you are the victim, then you will deserve some benefits like non-earner benefits, income replacements, disability benefits, and so on.

What are standard accident benefits, Alberta?

If you have car insurance, then they will cover some benefits and provide compensation after a car accident. In an accident, you can be the driver, passenger, or pedestrian. No matter what is the case, you must have some kinds of losses and damages.

There is some different level of damages or injuries. So the accident benefits depend on the level of damages. If you have suffered from a catastrophic injury, then you will be entitled to standard accident benefits. They will simply provide you a payout as compensation for those suffering.

What does SABS stand for in insurance?

In insurance, the statutory accident benefits schedule is also known as SABS. Statutory accident benefits or SABS will only operate the coverage for those who have been injured from a motor vehicle. This is basically a clear regulation under a particular insurance act.

What are non-earner benefits?

When you are completely unable to go back to your normal life, and if you are not entitled to the income replacement benefits or caregiver benefits. Then you may be qualified for the non-earner benefits. According to the insurance act of Alberta, non-earner benefits will provide 2 years of coverage to recover from the damages.

The Bottom Line

Your situation and circumstances will lead you to whether you are eligible for the statutory accident benefits or not. In order to avail of those benefits, you may need to meet some requirements and legal process. Sometimes, this process may seem hard and difficult for you.

If you find them really complicated for you, then you can always seek professional personal injury lawyer assistance. A personal injury lawyer can guide you throughout the legal process. Hopefully, this writing helped you to understand the statutory accident benefits schedule in Alberta.





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