Statements Right to Sue for an Accident

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Statements Right to Sue for an Accident

Statements right to sue for an accident is a major topic in Airdrie, AB, Canada. As a sensible citizen you must understand your rights. If you face any such kind to accident, you will need to know every word we are going to discuss. Before that, have you ever wondered what gives you the right to involve law or file for insurance when you get involved in an accident? Do you have the right to file a lawsuit against another person or entity?

These are some of the complex issues that you need to pay attention to even if you are not a victim of such unpleasantness. Gaining knowledge or educating yourself about these legal rights helps you to deal with unforeseen troubles, which can be easily avoided.

So let us explore the statements right to sue for an accident?

Statements Right to Sue for an Accident

There are appropriate methods and jurisdiction to filing a lawsuit. Hence we will go through some of the significant rules which you need to comprehend before you proceed.

1) Must-Have Standing

You start by ensuring the rights you have to file a lawsuit against a person or an entity in particular with whom you have a conflict or dispute. It also has an optimal requirement to be a person who is directly affected by the legal conflict you are suing about.

Hence in the world of law, to have a standing implies that you need to ensure that you are aware of the rights you have to file a lawsuit against anyone you are filing about and to be the direct victim of the dispute.

To put it more clearly, here is an example you can check out! If it is a case of personal injury and you are just a witness walking by, you cannot be the one filing a lawsuit. Which means you have to be the one suffering from the consequences of the accident to sue the person responsible.

Therefore if the relatedness between you and the accident is not intelligible, it is advised to appoint a lawyer to ensure legal rights to sue.

2) Must Be a Natural Person or a Legal Entity

This means that only an actual legal entity is entitled to file a lawsuit. If we define a legal entity, we can say that a normal person is a legal entity. A corporation or a business partnership can also be defined as a legal entity.

You are allowed to sue any number of people you deem responsible for the accident. A government is usually considered to be a private party in a lawsuit and as a defendant in a civil case.

3) Must-Have Legal Capacity

To independently file a lawsuit you must have the legal capacity to do so. This means if you are someone with a legal disability, you are generally allowed to file lawsuits only by getting the help of an authorized representative, for example, a guardian, parent, an executor or a trustee.

People who are deemed with legal disability are mentally impaired individuals due to disease, age, or frailty. Minors or children under the age of 18 are also a part of the legal disability. There is a procedure to sue if you are a minor.

You need a “guardian ad litem” which means guardian for the lawsuit. The process is to fill out a form given by the court named Application and Order for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem — Civil.” The form needs to be signed by the judge for you to complete the process.

4) Evidence Required to Prove Your Claim

In a car accident, it is mandatory and essential for you to prove that another party or the party you are filing the lawsuit against was irresponsible and careless while driving. There needs to be some concrete evidence for you to do so. Hence let us focus on some of the important things you can do in such a case:

  • Make sure a police report is available recording the situation and the reasons behind the accident
  • Clear statements from eyewitnesses to authenticate the details of the accident such as when, where and how the accident occurred causing the damages
  • An incident report needs to be filed by surrounding stores, businesses to ensure proper collection of information from the occurrence of the incident
  • Collection of essential captures or photographs from the accident scene and any form of potential evidence that might help build your case portraying the circumstances.
  • Proper records of all your health treatment regarding your injuries such as hospital visits, physical therapists, chiropractors and emergency services
  • Ensure supporting documents related to your injury, such as documents of loss of time at work, usual income, and also crucial paperwork for your claims of lost wages.
  • Finally, you need to allocate proof from a medically certified doctor who would need to support your claim of being injured due to a car accident. For example, a broken bone can be even caused by you falling down the stairs, but you need the doctor to testify that the injury had been caused by the car accident rather than any other factors. It will help your case as it would prove that you are not showcasing an existing injury but one caused by accident. Thus, making your case stronger.


Legal procedures are often difficult for average individuals to comprehend; hence it is advised to hire a legal consultant or an expert lawyer like a personal injury lawyer specifically, who can help you to get through it.

Accidents are not only impactful on your health, but it leaves numerous consequences to deal with in reality. You may need to recover from the losses you incur from an accident. All in all, it can be said that it is a must to know the statements right to sue for an accident.



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