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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

Airdrie Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer, Alberta, Canada

Are you looking for Airdrie slip and fall injury lawyer? because you been injured in a slip and fall accident? Did the accident happen because someone else acted negligently?

If so, you deserve to have your accident and injuries taken seriously. You also deserve compensation to help you pay expenses associated with recovering for those injuries.

Why is a slip and fall case in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada so serious?

For elderly adults, a slip and fall can mean the end of independence. Even healthier, younger adults may suffer serious spinal, neck, or head injuries that can lead to years of chronic pain and which can require months of recovery time. It can bring lots pain and suffering to victims’ life.

These injuries can impact a person’s quality of life and ability to work. Recovery is expensive, and Medicare doesn’t cover all of the associated costs.

Its not just a “little bit of tripping.” Some falls can be life-threatening.

What is "duty of care?"

 A duty of care occurs when one party is required to take reasonable steps to protect other parties from injury. In a slip and fall case, the person with the duty of care is usually the premises owner.

When you go to a store, a property you’re renting, or any other space owned by someone else they have an obligation to keep the place in good repair. If they fail to fix a broken sidewalk, don’t shovel their walks, leave a loose handrail broken, or don’t post signs to warn of hazards then they are ultimately responsible for your injury.

They may argue otherwise. They may argue your own behavior had something to do with the accident. They may argue they didn’t have a reasonable amount of time to learn about the accident, which means they shouldn’t be held accountable for having to fix it.

No property owner is just going to compensate you. Their insurance companies will try to fight about whether they should pay you at all. Then they will try to fight about how much they should pay you.

Get your case off to a great start by hiring Airdrie slip and fall injury lawyer as soon as you’re medically capable of doing so. We’ll file your claim and deal with the insurance companies for you so you don’t have to. We will help you solve your slip and fall injury case with years of practical experience.

This will prevent you from making mistakes which might ultimately have a negative impact on your case. It also gives you your best chance of winning the money which will help you recover. Now you must know why you need Airdrie slip and fall injury lawyer.


Why Airdrie Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer?

The team at Airdrie Lawyer has a long track record. We’ve won hundreds of cases just like yours. We’ve got a reputation for being some of Alberta’s toughest negotiators and litigators. That means property insurance companies know you mean business when you choose to hire us.

You don’t have to come up with an expensive retainer to hire us. You don’t have to pay us an exorbitant hourly fee. We work on contingency, which means we only get paid if we win money for you.

You can get started by emailing We’ll schedule your consultation, and pair you with a caring Airdrie slip and fall injury lawyer who is ready to listen to the facts of your case. We’ll answer all of your questions, help you determine the next steps, and get you the justice you deserve.




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