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Airdrie Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Airdrie Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, Alberta, Canada

What does Airdrie pedestrian accident lawyer do? Read to know in detail. There are few accidents more devastating than a collision between a motorist and a pedestrian or cyclist. A human body has few defenses against a 1000 kg vehicle in motion, even if the vehicle is traveling very slowly.

The injuries pedestrians and cyclists take after these accidents are usually life-altering. Many victims won’t be able to work ever again. Some will lose the use of some or all of their limbs. Some will have severe brain trauma.

These cases and claims are not simple, and getting the money you need to get through this crisis is not automatic. The motorist’s insurance company doesn’t have to pay a thing if they can prove you caused the accident. This means they’re ready to fight tooth and nail.

What would make this accident your fault? Failing to follow traffic laws. Creating a situation where the motorist couldn’t possibly see you. There are many cases where the courts have ruled in favor of drivers.

Hiring a lawyer as quickly as possible is your best defense. We can help you reconstruct the facts of your case, file your claim, and negotiate a settlement that will pay your bills and expenses. If necessary, we aren’t afraid to go to court to see justice done.

Wrongful Death Cases Due to Pedestrian Accident

Unfortunately, many pedestrian and bicycle accidents don’t end with an injured victim. They end in the tragic death of the pedestrian or cyclist.

If you are the spouse, parent, or child of a loved one who has been killed in an automobile accident, you may have grounds for a wrongful death claim. The purpose of this claim is not to profit at your loved one’s expense, but to help you replace their income or services, help you cover their funeral costs, and help you pay for any medical costs they incurred prior to death.

Sadly, the insurance companies still won’t volunteer to simply pay these costs, and they are likely to work hard at blaming the accident on your loved one. You will need legal help if you intend to recover this money. I think now you have the answer of your question “what does Airdrie pedestrian accident lawyer do”?

Why Hire the Airdrie Pedestrian Accident Lawyers?

Our experienced team may offer the “best bet” for winning your case. We have a long track record of achieving big wins for pedestrians and cyclists in Airdrie.

When you work with us you’ll be matched with a capable and experienced lawyer who cares about you. Airdrie pedestrian accident lawyers are responsive, work hard to keep you in the loop, and are dedicated to helping you build the strongest possible case for your circumstances.

We work on contingency, which means you don’t have to worry about coming up with a retainer or paying exorbitant hourly rates. Instead, we get paid when you do, by taking a percentage of what we win for you. Most of our clients get three to ten times as much money after that percentage as taken than they would have gotten on their own.

You can get started today by emailing us at We’ll match you with Airdrie pedestrian accident lawyer, schedule your consultation, answer all of your questions, and help us determine your next steps.




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