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If you faced a car accident and want to recover compensation for your losses. Now you can do it in two ways, the first one is no-fault claim and the second one is a tort claim.

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Now, it is better to hire an ICBC injury claims lawyer to present your case to get what you deserve. So, this article is to help you because we are going to discuss the process of applying for compensation to ICBC authority.

What is ICBC Injury Claim?

There are several kinds of accident can happen to anyone. But the policy is to compensate the victim person basis on the person’s negligence, who was the reason for the accident.

Now, you need to know how to hire a good injury lawyer for your case. At the end of this article, you will be able to know how to apply for the ICBC injury claim. Let’s start the discussion.

ICBC is a term used as the short form of  Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, working as an injury claim service provider. Its an authority to provide different services regarding a vehicle on the roads in British Columbia.

Now, when an accident takes place on the road, there must be a reason for someone’s fault behind it. Most of the cases it seems like this that, someone is the victim and someone is responsible for the accident.

Now, the victim is suffering from different types of difficulties in his life due to the accident. ICBC the authority is playing a role by taking the accident as case. Both of the responsible person and the victim is standing in-front and presenting their situation at the court.

After judging their situation, there are some parameters ICBC agents will use to decide how much damage the victim faces and what is the worth of that damage. There is another thing that is, how much the damage worth?

However, there is a process for getting compensated for ICBC. The victim must apply for the claim it is known as Personal Claim. Now to get your claim compensated you must go through some series of stages.

Now, it is better to hire an ICBC injury claims lawyer to present your case to get what you deserve. So, this article is to help you because we are going to discuss the process of applying for compensation to ICBC authority.

Actions You Need To Take After an Auto Accident in Vancouver

There are several things you need to collect just after the accident. Below is a list of actions you must need to do after accident. At Injury Lawyers Victoria, we are providing free consultation to discuss your case and get information what you should do now.

ICBC Claims Lawyer service is one of the most popular services we are providing at Injury Lawyers Victoria. Below is a list of actions you need to perform immediately after the accident. Let’s read them,

  • Assess the Accident:

After encountering the accident, you need to get out of your car or the vehicle you were travelling. You should try to get an idea about what happened in the accident scene due to the accident.

  • Look for Injuries of All Person Involved in Accident:

At first, you need to look for health damages on your health. Then search for passengers who were travelling in the car. Help them to get out of the car and keep a safe distance from the car. Because the car can explode.

  • Seek Medical Attention:

After primary observation on the health condition of yourself and other passengers if you see any health damage. Then immediately call emergency medical services and ask for help.

  • Collect Important Information of Accident Scene:

Pick as much information as you can from the scene of the accident. Write down details about the accident, as details as you can remember. Take as many photographs as you can. If you have a simple mobile phone with a camera, you can take photographs with that phone also. Photographs not necessarily has to be good quality.

  • Call The Police:

Do not leave the accident scene and call the police to get inspected by the police about the accident. Police will collect information and help you file a complaint to ICBC.

  • Look For Eye Witnesses:

After calling the police, you need to see who were there during the accident and collect their names and professions. If possible then, collect phone numbers and contact information as well.

  • Exchange Contact Information of the Other Driver:

If the accident was the fault of the other car’s driver, then you need to collect other driver’s contact information. If possible, you must take a photograph of driving license of that driver and photographs of the accident scene along with the other car’s license number.

  • Collect The Copy of Accident Report:

Though police officer might not giving you a copy of the accident report, if you try then in some way, you can collect a copy of the report from the police. The copy of the accident report is important during representation of your case at the court.

  • Discuss With an Accident Lawyer About Your Accident:

After facing an accident, people are often forgetting the important part of getting better compensation from your claim. A statistical report shows that people get more money when they hire a professional injury lawyer to represent their case. So, before meeting the ICBC agent, you need to discuss with a professional lawyer to know which information you should share and what not to share with him.

Before you apply for ICBC claim, you need to know that your case should meet several policies of ICBC. Call for a free initial consultation to know whether your case meets those policies or not. Here at Injury Lawyers Victoria, we assess every possibility of your case to meet the policy of ICBC.

After completing these actions on the accident scene, you are now able to file your application for compensation of your damage. Below is a list of steps you also need to follow for applying ICBC.

  • Report Your Accident To ICBC Claim:

You must know the time limit to file your case before you apply for ICBC claim. Because in some area there is a time limit for applying ICBC. It is important because you might fail to submit your application on time. So, submit your ICBC claim’s application as soon as you can.

However, you can submit your application online or over a phone call to (800) 910-4222. If you admitted in a hospital then also you can submit your ICBC claim application from there.

Now, after you submitted your application, you need to keep in mind that there are a few important things you should do now. Below is a list of those things.

  • Collect All Medical Bills:

During the whole treatment process, you should collect all the bills from the treatment provider. Because all the costs of your treatment associated with the accident will have to present during the court session.

  • Keep Note of Other Costs Due to Accidents:

Apart from medical bills or transport or vehicle repair costs, you need to collect all other costs on a note. All the financial documents are going to represented in court to measure your compensation worth.

  • Collect Estimated Future Cost of Your Treatment:

Your treatment due to the accident is unique. Though there can be some similar cases out there. But the treatment of your health is not going to be the same with others.  Sometimes your treatment is undergoing for a longer time than usual.

In that case, you should involve your family doctor throughout the whole process of your treatment. So, he can collect all the necessary information, whether it is about your treatment or the financial cost of the treatment.

In addition to that, your family doctor can also get a probably future cost of your treatment. Future cost of your treatment is very important to determine Compensation worth of your ICBC Injury Claim.

  • Bills of Repair or Replacement of your Car:

Collect all the bills for repairing of your car. Keep it listed in a paper and file-up all the details of your car repairing. If you have insurance of your car for a no-fault car accident, then those financial documents are very important for your insurance claiming also.

  • Measuring Loss of Your Future Earning Capacity:

An accident can bring the worst damage to your health. During an accident, you might get damaged in your health, or you can have mental trauma. Sometimes these damage can cost you a long period of your life. Due to these causes, your future earning capacity decreases.

To measure these loss in the financial quantity, you need to consult with a professional doctor who deals with this type of cases.  You also need to discuss it with a professional lawyer like me. Airdrie Lawyer is one of the best and most popular law agency dealing with ICBC Claims for a long time.

Final Verdict

We are at the ending of the discussion on ICBC Claims Lawyer. If you complete reading this article, then you now know the details about applying for ICBC injury claim. We have ICBC Injury Lawyer Service.

If you want to discuss your case, then you can contact with me. You can also contact me to get a free consultation to discuss and decide whether hiring Airdrie Lawyer to present your case or not.

If you are in a hospital getting treatment and want to apply to ICBC injury claim, then call Airdrie Lawyer. We will be there for you to listen to your case.



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