Minor Injury Guideline in Alberta: The Definite Guide

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Minor Injury Guideline

Minor injury guideline in Alberta is an essential thing for all citizens. You will need it whenever you deal with any cases related to accident injuries. Our experienced lawyers have explained everything you need to know about it.

After an accident, the first thing one needs to figure out the seriousness of the damages and injuries. Suppose your injury does not require any major surgeries or medical treatment. Then it may be considered as minor injury cases.

If your cases fall under the minor injury regulation, then you will be entitled to all the benefits and services from your insurance company. In order to avail of all these services and benefits, you need to apply properly according to the insurance policy.

In this writing, we are going to discuss the Minor Injury Guideline in Alberta. Keep reading this article to learn more.

Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule

The minor injury guideline is always considered as a part of the statutory accident benefits schedule (SABS). After the automobile accident, no matter if you were the driver, passenger, or pedestrian. You must have some kinds of damages or injuries from that accident.

Then, when you claim compensation from your insurance company. Your insurance company will provide you some goods and benefits in order to recover from that accident. It is important to remember that the compensation will depend on the level of seriousness of your accident.

All accident cases are not the same. That is why statutory accident benefits can be categorized into three parts; minor injury cases, non-catastrophic injury, catastrophic injury cases. But this writing will only focus on the minor injury cases that fall under the guidelines for minor injury(i.e. MIG).

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Minor Injury Guidelines (MIG)

After an accident, if your injuries are defined as a minor injury, you will be eligible for some benefits and service. The minor injury guidelines (MIG) will provide some treatment benefits for the victim. This guideline basically gives you a framework for how the insurance company will cover the service and benefits.

If your case falls under the minor-injury guidelines, it will mainly focus on your functional restoration. Furthermore, this will give you the best possible orientation for your treatment to reduce the pain that you had from the accident. Nonetheless, your injury should be fallen under the MIG chart in order to get minor injury accident benefits.

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What is Functional Restoration?

When you are entitled to the minor-injury guidelines (MIG), then it will provide you the benefits of the functional restoration approach. In different cases, this approach also can be different depending on the suffering of the victim.

Generally, the functional restoration will provide healthcare benefits until the victim reaches a good state of health. Sometimes, the insurer also perceives this approach differently. Almost in every case, the insurer will not cross the MIG limit for a particular case.

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Legal authority of Alberta province has developed the minor injury guideline in Alberta. Among all accident injuries there are a few injuries are recognized as minor injuries. Your injury can be defined as a minor injury if it includes the following:

  • Sprain
  • Strain
  • Subluxation
  • Contusion
  • Abrasion
  • Laceration
  • Whiplash associated disorder and many more.

MIG Objectives

In some cases, all these things regarding minor injury regulation seem so complicated for a general person. That is why there are some objectives for minor-injury guidelines or MIG. Those objectives are mentioned below.

  • Quick access to the hospital or the rehabilitation center for the suffered person
  • Proper and right usage of the healthcare resources
  • Regulate the medical professionals
  • Provide the exact amount of cost for the victim
  • Get immediate access to medical treatment or hospitalization

Financial Limits for the MIG

Suppose someone is suffering from any minor injury caused by an accident. Then that individual will be entitled to some financial support from the insurance company. But there is always a financial limit under the guidelines for a minor injury.

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Sometimes, this amount can vary and change depending upon the situation and the circumstances. Even all the provinces and territories of Canada do not provide the same amount of financial support. But there is an average amount of financial assistance. Nonetheless, the maximum amount of financial support can be up to $3,000 for the victim. Follow the minor injury guideline in Alberta provided by the Government to check what are the benefits you can have according to the guideline.

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Damages or Injuries that Don’t Include in the MIG

Sometimes, the victim has to deal with some physical or mental pain and sufferings that are not visible to our eyes. In some cases, it is really hard to explain for the victim. In order to entitle to the accident benefits, the victim needs to be well prepared with all the evidence and paper.

Once that individual can prove that he or she was the victim in that accident. Then that individual may get some service and benefits from the insurance company. Likewise, a victim also can have some pre-existing medical health conditions.

If you can prove to your insurer about your pre-existence health condition, it will increase the financial benefits. For instance, the consequences of a minor injury can end up with a non-catastrophic injury. In that case, your financial support would increase for the non-catastrophic injury, which is up to $60,000 depending on the injury.

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The Minor Injury Guidelines and Psychological

Generally speaking, in most cases, the minor injuries are directly or indirectly related to psychology. As long as psychological impairments are concerned, it will increase the amount of financial support in MIG.

Sometimes, people do not mention psychological injuries in the MIG. But it is true that people who suffered from minor injuries also suffered from some kinds of psychological injuries. That is why they seek help from other sources for their psychological injuries other than the MIG.


What is the minor injury guideline in Alberta?

The minor-injury guideline was first introduced by the Alberta government, Canada. It provides financial help and compensation to the victim of an automobile accident. How much an individual will get for the minor injuries will depend on the seriousness of the accident.

Usually, the minor injury guideline will only provide funds for the medical or hospital expenses, rehabilitation, etc. The MIG will not cover the compensation for the lost income, attendant costs, housekeeping expenses, and so on.

What counts as a minor injury?

In order to get the accident benefits for minor injuries, you need to know what exactly counts as a minor injury. The minor injuries can include some minor cuts and bruises, sprains, Contusion, Abrasion, any partial dislocation of a bone joint.

What is an OCF 23?

OCF-23 is basically a form that is used for treatment benefits from a minor injury case. When the insurance company ensures that the victim has a valid policy, then the victim needs to have the OCF 23 form. OCF 23 is not necessarily required in every minor injury case, especially when the insurer will approve prior to your condition or situation.

The Bottom Line

No matter, what is your situation and condition after an auto accident, you always need to be well-prepared with all the necessary paperwork and evidence. The insurance company will ask for these papers and documents anytime.

That is why it is also very important to know about the guideline and regulations of injuries in motor accidents in case you find them a bit complicated and difficult for you. It is always recommended for you to seek help from a professional personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can guide you throughout the claiming process. Hopefully, this writing helped you to understand the basic minor injury Guideline in Alberta.









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