Is Depression a Disability in Canada?

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Is Depression a Disability in Canada

Is depression a disability in Canada? well, the disability due to depression is a reality but stays in shadow with the Canadian population. When applying to recognize any of the different types of disability, many still don’t take depression seriously. At the same time that taboos on mental health disorders are progressively disappearing in contemporary society.

However, the question remains within many of us. Is Depression a Disability in Canada? Can it make anyone unable to work? Well, yes, it can. Depression is a disease like any other disease which makes one disable and eligible for benefits.

Let’s talk about it!

What is Depression: Conception of This Disorder as a Cause of Work Disability

Depression is that dark evil that unfortunately affects many people, whether young or old, men or women. It is a disease often taken lightly, underestimated, sometimes even hidden for fear of the judgment of the people around us. Depression, in fact, is experienced many times as a shame by those who suffer from it, as if it were a matter of infamy.

Obviously, this is not the case. Whoever is a victim of depression deserves the same attention and care as any other sick person. Because it is a pathology equal to all the others; indeed, sometimes even more severe.

More often than not, people confuse depression with sadness.

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Difference between Depression and Sadness

Major depression understood as an illness can be distinguished from sadness and mood swings in response to problems in daily life. Sadness is one of the six basic emotions of a human being. And, therefore, we all experience it at different times in our lives.

However, depression is a severe illness that is not just being sad. For the diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, a series of clinical criteria must be met. The cardinal symptoms are low mood most of the day and loss of interest or pleasure in everyday activities. To be considered significant depression, the duration of these symptoms must be longer than two weeks (although most episodes last considerably longer).

Is Depression a Disability in Canada: What Do the Legislations Say?

To simply put, yes. Canada does recognize depression as a disability.

The incapacity is defined and specified based on legal regulations; the Canada Revenue Agency is responsible for this regard. The agency has administrated that depression can be considered a disability when it meets some criteria.

Depression can make it impossible for a worker to carry out a job to be a cause of disability. As a worker, you have a series of situations protected that may cause you to be incapacitated for the exercise of your professional work. And you may require medical care and health care from Social Security.

But self-claimed depression will not make it official. You will not be able to get any benefits from the Canadian government.

How to Know If You are Eligible for Disability for Depression?

As depression is an invisible condition, unlike physical illness, it is difficult to determine. Sometimes the victim himself doesn’t understand the severity. To detect a major disability due to depression, one needs to go through a series of medical evaluations.

When people are depressed, they feel unable to carry out the simplest tasks, which they usually do daily. They lose interest in the activities they typically enjoy. All this entails a significant feeling of anguish both in the person who suffers it and their social and family environment.

To know how to detect it, it is essential to be aware of the appearance of signs that indicate its presence. In this sense, medical science has given us some clues:

Symptoms of Major Depression

Depression is a mental disorder. It consists of a series of symptoms led by a low mood or a loss of interest for at least two weeks. In reality, most depressive episodes usually last for months. Adding to the low mood or loss of interest (or pleasure) are the following depressive symptoms, which occur almost every day:

  • Significant weight loss or weight gain
  • Increased or decreased appetite
  • Insomnia or daytime sleepiness
  • Loss of energy or fatigue
  • Feelings of excessive or inappropriate guilt
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Agitated state or, quite the opposite, slowing down of thought and movement
  • Decreased concentration of the ability to think

Other Signs Typical of Depressed People

Often, in addition to the symptoms of depression, depressed people present other types of manifestations. These are more difficult to associate with depression and should also be attentive.

  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Concentration difficulty
  • Lack of decision
  • Insomnia (sometimes the opposite occurs and drowsiness occurs)
  • Lack of appetite
  • Pains
  • Persistent ailments such as headache, digestive problems

On extreme occasions, suicidal thoughts may occur. It should not be forgotten that depression is the most critical risk factor for suicide. The depression facts in Canada states that 50-80% of suicidal deaths of adults are because of depression.

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Depression Disability Benefits in Canada: The Rights of Every Citizen

Once you are sure and can prove that you are disabled due to depression toy are entitled to have benefited from the government.

There are a few initiatives that you can benefit from. The Canadian govt recognizes depression as a disability and thus gives you the following compensation opportunities:

Short-term Disability Benefits

Suppose you feel depressed or anxious and cannot perform the responsibilities in your workplace. In that case, your insurance company can give you benefits. You can apply for the benefits from both group insurance plans and any individual plan.

Payment: 50-70% of your main salary

Duration: for 15 to 17 weeks

Long Term Disability Benefits

long term disability depression anxiety benefits are almost the same as STD benefits. But in this case, the duration will increase according to the severity of your depression. Just like STD, you can apply from both group insurance and any private plan.

Payment: 50-70% of your main salary

Duration: up to 10 years

Employment Insurance (EI) Sickness Benefits

Suppose you are mentally not healthy, i.e. depressed majorly and unable to work. In that case, you are eligible for benefits sponsored by the Canadian government. It is called Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits. However, this is one kind of short-term disability benefit.

Payment: 50% of the main salary

Duration: up to 15 weeks

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits

If your depression is long-term or permanent, this is the best solution for you. In this case, you will get a certain amount of pension with a certain amount of credits. But the important thing is, you have to prove that your depression is very severe and prolonged.

Payment: up to 1300 CAD

Duration: up to the age of 65

Provincial Benefits for Disability Due to Depression

Different provinces have different specialized initiation for disabled for depression peoples. For example, in Saskatchewan or Alberta, you are eligible for benefits if your depression is due to a workplace accident.

How to Prove Depression Disability Claim: Pro Tips

Depression disability claim is confusing. Honestly, to prove something invisible can be pretty daunting. But follow the tips to make the procedure easier:

  • Get medical help. Talk to the therapist, keep checking on him.
  • Follow the appointments and checkups; follow the instructions of your doctor.
  • Keep track of your improvements or deterioration. Make sure to tell your doctor about these changes
  • Keep all the documents, medical reports, notes or other important papers related to your treatments.
  • Keep the receipts or prescriptions of drugs.

You should know these will not get you a benefits program. To enable your benefits, the insurance company will conduct its own medical checkup. But these proofs and documents will give your claim a solid base.

Final Words

Is Depression a Disability in Canada- It is a serious question. Many Canadian people still don’t believe in depression disabilities. Some even think that the tax money should go to the physical disable and need it more. But in reality, the depressed disabled deserve the same amount of love, care and benefits as any other.



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