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Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents [Lawyer Guide] | Airdrie Lawyer

In this article we will discuss a step by step guide on insurance claim process for car accidents. Accident can happen any moment in your life, and it can bring many serious damages to your health. If the accident happened due to another reckless driver’s irresponsible driving, you have the right to claim a compensation for what you have lost in that accident. It is necessary for a sensible citizen to know the claiming process.

Don’t worry, we have got your back. Our experienced lawyers have explained with step by step process. We want you to go through all those steps we have discussed below for you. Learn everything you need before you left alone after accident. Without further due, let’s begin our step by step guide.

Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents [8 Steps to follow]

Here are the 8 easy steps of the insurance claim process for car accidents and the steps are:

  1. Step 1:Review everything about the accident
  2. Step 2: File an Insurance Claim
  3. Step 3: A Claims Adjuster
  4. Step 4: Determine Fault
  5. Step 5: Dispute the Fault Determination
  6. Step 6: Repair or Write-Off the Vehicle
  7. Step 7: Receive Compensation
  8. Step 8: Report an Accident to Police

Here are the easy steps that I have found out from my research. To determine the steps, I went to a close friend who has just experienced an accident and got a handsome amount of compensation. Also, I went to my cousin and two of my neighbors who have also experienced similar cases.

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One of the issues that many people have experienced is a shock after an accident. If you do not have an idea about how do insurance claims work then are chances your insurance may not pay what is rightful. If you have all the information about insurance claims for car accidents, then you can act upon it even if you are in a shock momentarily.

Step 1: Review Everything About the Accident

Reviewing everything about the accident is a crucial part of the insurance claim process. Here you have to take the damages of your property, physical injuries, and other factors into account. You need to report everything legitimately to your insurance company, broker, or insurance agents as soon as possible.

It does not matter who is at fault for the accident, but it is better to inform your insurance agent as soon as possible. If you fail to inform about your accident, then do not worry much because there is a 7 day for reporting. But better if you do it as soon as you can. You can also get in touch with a car accident lawyer for legal help.

You may take images or video clips immediately after the accidents to have some proof about the damages. Check yourself for injuries. If you have to go for medical care, then keep documents of your treatment for the claim and also keep a document of treatment you may require in the future for compensation.

Step 2: File an Insurance Claim [Auto Insurance Claim Process]

After the accident, it is essential to collect all data. That is why we have kept those in step 1. When you are done with reviewing the accident, you probably have taken the name of the witness. Then you must have collected photographs and all the other information about the damages and noted them.

It is compulsory to contact your insurance company immediately or as soon as possible. When you are in contact with your insurance company, please provide the information that you have noted and also give them information about the insurance details of the other party involved in the accident.

In Canada, you have a limited time to claim the compensation or file the claim. The time limit of it is seven days, but it is suggested to contact the insurance company as soon as possible to claim the compensation.

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Step 3: Claims Adjuster [Car Accident Insurance Claim and Settlement]

A claim adjuster is a professional person whose job is to provide the details of the claiming process. They will inform you about what will be covered by the insurance and the amount of compensation you will get.

After you file the insurance claim and provide all the necessary information, a claim adjuster will contact you to get in touch. Then you may have to provide some additional information that they require and ask you to fill some more forms.

Often they refer to websites for you to visit. On those websites, you may find vendors for car repair or take medical help. Claim adjusters also can ask to meet you face to face with your claim advisor.

According to the driving policy of Canada, you have to file your claims within 7 days. After claiming you may have to wait for some time to get your compensation. If you are hurt then according to the standard policy, you need to send an application to get your claims.

After you have sent the application for accident benefits, then the insurance will cover it all by ten working days.

Step 4: Determine Fault [Determine Fault to Arrange Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents]

From the information and data you submitted to your insurance, the insurer will decide how to allocate the fault of the accident. This apportioning may vary depending on the place you are living in.

Ontario and Alberta both have a system to determine the fault. The insurance company then determines the fault by following specific rules according to the province.

Step 5: Dispute the Fault Determination [Know How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault]

You may disagree with the assessment provided by the insurance company. You can then ask the adjuster about the rules and regulations they followed to assess your files.

If the given information is yet dissatisfactory, then you can get in touch with the complaint officer of the insurance company to discuss the situation.

Every insurance company has a specific complaint resolution process that can help you out. They take care of particular complaints and provides a working solution that can help you to get what you demand.

Step 6: Repair or Write-Off the Vehicle [ Whether Insurance will Pay for Repairers or Replacement]

For any severe damage to your car for the accident, the insurer must decide what to do. If it is cheaper and necessary to write off your car, then the insurance will pay the value of the car.  Or else they will pay for the repair of all damages.

Step 7: Receive Compensation [Receive Compensation as Per the Policy is Written]

At the end of the insurance claim process for car accidents, the insurance will pay your compensation. The compensation includes the damages to your car and also your injury. There are some deductible amounts and details of your coverage on which your compensation will depend.

Some of the factors of paying compensation also depend on the policy of claims. There are calculators that insurance companies may use that enables them to calculate and determine how much you deserve for your suffering.

It may take ten to fifteen working days to pay your compensation as there are many issues to take care of. After everything is taken into account, you will receive your compensation for sure if you deserve it.

Step 8: Report an Accident to the Police

If an accident exceeds a certain amount of money for compensation on both sides, then it becomes mandatory to report the matter to the local police. If you fail to do so, then there are charges that you may have to pay. The limited-time of reporting is 24 hours. This process and the reporting time may vary from province to province.

Final Word: Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents

Now you know all the information about the action you need to take for insurance claims. Hence you can be a bit more aware. Try to share this information with your neighbors, friends, and family. Because you never know when an accident may take place.

Knowing the insurance claim process for car accidents will enable people to be more confident to claim their compensation. And we have provided this information with the concern for your safety. Have a safe and a great day.



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