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Injured in your workplace due to others’ negligence? Your employer is not giving enough compensation even if they are responsible? Well, you can sue your employer or the person responsible for the workplace injury with the help of a lawyer.

Getting proper treatment and compensation when you are injured at the workplace during your shift is your management’s responsibility. It is more than just physical discomfort if you are injured at work. You will miss your wage and be unable to work.

How to get a work injury lawyer in Alberta, though? This blog explains it in detail.

How Can You Get Injured at the Workplace?

Even in the safest work environments, there are many risks available. Some workplace injuries may include:

  • Falls, slides, and crashes
  • Vehicle and truck collisions
  • Heavy lifting accidents
  • Hearing loss
  • Mechanically cut, burned, or otherwise
  • Harm from falling objects
  • Burning and detonations
  • Chronic stress disorders
  • Injuries from falling objects
  • Taking in harmful fumes

Can You Sue Your Employer for a Workplace Injury?

Yes, you can sue your employer and ask for compensation for a workplace injury. Most companies offer workers’ compensation benefits in Canada. You can easily acquire your own WCB insurance if your employer falls under this category.

Your insurance aims to pay for your missed wages and medical costs as you recover from your working injury. Sometimes everything goes smoothly, you will receive the compensation, and you will return to your previous working position.

But sometimes you may face some exceptions. Like any insurance provider, WCB can object to paying your insurance. So you will need legal assistance to appeal the organization’s judgments and receive payment.

As a result, you may receive your WCB payments in a single payment settlement. If your employer is not held accountable while unable to provide WCB benefits when they should have, you may file a personal injury lawsuit.

Additionally, the WCB does not offer any protection to third parties who may have hurt you while you were at work. You can anytime sue those parties as well. Also, WCB has the authority to file a lawsuit on your behalf against a third party that was responsible for your injuries.

What is Workers’ Compensation in Canada?

Canada maintains a number of workers’ compensation systems to protect workers from accidents at work. In Canada, there is a federal system of workers’ compensation that is run by the Labour Program and created to protect those employed by the federal government and other people who fall under it.

The Workers’ Compensation Board oversees the provincial workers’ compensation systems and provides coverage for most other workers. In all systems, the wounded worker is typically eligible to receive financial benefits, including medical assistance, rehabilitation services, and wages, while they are not working at present.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Benefit Work?

You will receive three different kinds of advantages from WCB benefits. 

Lost wage benefits

Your benefit from lost wages comes first. You will receive 90% of your original salary as part of this. These can be reduced by tax benefits like child care costs, child support obligations, and spousal support obligations, as well as by the money you receive from other insurance plans.

Healthcare costs

This benefit covers all the medical attention you might need to recover from your injuries. Hospital costs, ongoing personal care, house and vehicle modifications, specialized care, medicine, dental work, and medical supplies, including prosthetics, are all included in this.

Personal care allowance

WCB may also pay for unexpected costs, such as replacing any clothing lost to an accident, living expenses, travel costs, and personal care costs if you have to go far for treatment. Housekeeping costs may also be covered with these personal care allowances.

The WCB will also assist you in coordinating this treatment, but you must attend the medical professionals they need you to visit. Before you can use some advantages, WCB must first approve them.

For victims of long-term physical or mental injuries, the WCB also provides permanent impairment compensation. They may also receive a single payout and payments for lost wages.

Throughout your claim, you will need to stay in touch with both your employer and the WCB, adhere to your doctor’s recommendations, and engage with them to develop a plan to assist you in getting back to work.

How Can You Get Help From a Work Injury Lawyer?

You must make a relevant claim and retain the proper legal counsel if you have been hurt at work. Here, you can trust an Injury lawyer the most. 

They can support you by-.

  • Responding to your inquiries about your claim
  • Submitting a workers’ compensation claim
  • Making a claim against a wrongful third party
  • Appealing a request if your request is denied
  • Deal-making negotiations

To Wrap Up

A work injury can never be an acceptable event for anybody, especially when it takes away your ability to work for some time or forever. Your entire life will be affected. It is tough to remove the misery, but you can definitely reduce it when you make sure you are compensated properly. 

At least you and your family could lead a good life with it. At the end of the day, this is what matters the most.


How Can a Work-Related Injury Lawyer Help Me?

A work-related lawyer can help you with - Responding to your inquiries about your claim Submitting a workers' compensation claim Making a claim against a wrongful third party Appealing a request if your request is denied Deal-making negotiations

When do I Need to Negotiate With Insurers?

The WCB may only sometimes pay enough for your treatment or livelihood, especially when you need to pay taxes. During these times, you must negotiate with them. Basically, your lawyer is going to do it for you. You just need to explain everything to your lawyer about it.

When should I hire a work injury lawyer?

When you are injured at your workplace, and your employer or WCB insurance isn't ready to deal with your treatment cost, you must contact an expert lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will be fighting and negotiating on your behalf.

What does a work injury lawyer do?

A work injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining medical support for your claim, negotiate a payment, and represent you during your workers' compensation hearing. Employees with work-related accidents or sickness are eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

What can I do if I cannot resume the same job before getting hurt?

You can claim in court for your accident or illness if you cannot resume the work you did before getting hurt. Your right to seek medical attention and return to work is protected.



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