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You should know how to avoid motorcycle accidents. The motorcycle has become one of the means of transport of greater use, given its speed of transfers, versatility, fuel economy and low maintenance and acquisition costs.

However, this growth has been overshadowed by more serious road accidents, which has increased at almost the same rate as the market has grown. The majority of these accidents are generated for not respecting traffic rules, such as red lights, stop sign, pedestrian crossing (zebra), and the non – use or inappropriate use of the protective elements (helmet).

How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents?

Although motorcycles barely represent 10% of the vehicle fleet all over the world, motorists are involved in one in four accidents involving victims. And the increase in enrollments in recent years has been accompanied by the rise in the accident rate.

So, this is mandatory that we know how to avoid motorcycle accidents. The first thing we must do is keep our vehicle in perfect magazine condition. Only in this way can we travel safely. Take note!

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Before starting a motorcycle trip, it is always advisable to perform a small visual check. An inspection in which special attention has to be given to the tires. Their excellent condition is decisive since they are our only connection point with the asphalt. In the visual check, keeping the motorcycle clean will help you detect possible defects. Put it into practice!

And depending on the use, we give to our motorcycle, it is convenient not to neglect its periodic maintenance. Most importantly, you should carry that out in a regular workshop. And, of course, we must keep up with the insurance when we touch.

Pay Attention to the Start and Stop

In the beginning, it is essential not to ride a motorcycle with a cold engine. You could easily stall in the middle of the road (even worse if you stall at a bend). When stopped, always make sure that the stand is correctly installed.

For bumpy surfaces, it is still advisable to use the side stand. It is more suited to the instability of the soil. However, on hard, flat ground, the center stand is recommended. Also, to facilitate the next departure, do not park too close to another vehicle. This will avoid hitting this vehicle.

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Equipment: Our “Chassis” on the Road

Losing balance, traffic circumstances, or an unexpected maneuver are causes that cause motorcycle accidents. And it is in situations like this when passive security comes into play. We refer to the equipment for bikers, starting with the homologated helmet and continuing with the jacket, pants, gloves, and boots.

Choose equipment that is comfortable for you and use it at all times of the year. Did you know that most skin abrasions occur in the summer months? Yes, it is true: the heat is unbearable at times, but our safety comes first. Do not forget! And don’t even think about riding a motorcycle with flip flops. Also, if you consider it a traffic agent, it could find you.

Here are some tips you can follow:

  • An approved motorcycle helmet.
  • Approved motorcycle boots without forgetting the protections for the neck and the spine.
  • Gloves approved, also compulsory for the passenger.
  • A jacket designed explicitly for the motorcycle (equipped with back protection, elbow/shoulder reinforcements, retro-reflective elements).
  • Approved motorcycle boots or, failing that, high and non-slip shoes,
  • Thick pants (or leather).
  • A high visibility vest on him or in motorcycle storage. He must put it on during an emergency stop.

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Inadequate Speed: a Danger for Motorists

It is clear: speed influences motorcycle accidents. Specifically, the inappropriate rate, which is usually excessive. Speed ​​is closely related to safety distance, anticipation capacity, or what is known as the “tunnel effect.”

Therefore, within the established limits, a good motorist must always adapt his speed to the circumstances of the road. Only then can you react in time to stop the vehicle safely. And the latter has a lot to do with the state of the way (dry, wet, dirty asphalt, etc.) and that of the motorcycle (tires, suspensions, brakes, etc.). As you will see, everything is related!

Make An Overshoot According to the Rules of the Art

Overtaking is a hazardous maneuver and is often the source of a motorcycle accident. But, being careful, you can avoid bad adventures. Respecting the highway code to the letter will avoid many dangers.

Moreover, according to the highway code, you should never overtake to the right and always shift widely to the left of the vehicle to be passed. When overtaking heavy goods vehicles, the force of the airflow must ever be taken into account. It can sometimes cause severe deviation from the direction of the motorcycle.

Use of Space on the Road: Do You Master It?

Another aspect that you should not neglect to avoid motorcycle accidents is the use of available space on the road. We must make sure that the rest of the drivers can see you very clearly and try not to surprise them. The latter is very important since any sudden maneuver can cause us to end up on the ground.

Try not to place yourself in the blind spot of other vehicles, which is that side area where a driver has no vision of what is going on around them.

And especially in secondary roads, be careful with the drawing of the curves! If you open too much, you can invade the opposite lane. And if you close a lot, you could lose control of the bike if you go too fast.

To know the appropriate techniques and put them into practice, we advise you to participate in a safe driving course. Undoubtedly, it is a magnificent experience that facilitates expanding knowledge to avoid motorcycle accidents.

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Are You Sure You Can See Alright?

The answer to the question should be yes. And it is that to avoid motorcycle accidents, as important is one thing as the other since it affects us directly.  Before we emphasized maintenance, and when tuning the motorcycle, it must be verified that all the optical groups work correctly and that they are clean.

Since we are talking about cleaning, you must also ensure that the helmet screen gives us optimal visibility. And if you equip yourselves with reflective garments, you have to make sure you are more visible to the rest of the drivers.

By the way, since when do you not check your eyesight? Many drivers recognize having vision problems, but they do nothing to remedy it! Do not be one of them. An annual review will save you problems. Pay attention to us!

City: Attention, Anticipation and Preventive Driving

Lots of traffic, pedestrians who unexpectedly leave between parked cars, the possibility of someone crossing a scooter or a Segway; In the city, there are few risks. To avoid motorcycle accidents, attention, anticipation, and defensive driving are the great allies of motorists.

Someday, all drivers will signal their maneuvers with the turn signals. But until then, you must be prepared for sudden turns, inopportune stops, or vehicle doors that open as if by magic.

Being always alert and observing the behaviors of other drivers can save you from the occasional mishap. But you also have to “scan” the asphalt at all times to avoid urban “traps.” We are talking about asphalt paint, sewer covers, metal plates used to hide a ditch, or puddles of water. Watch out! The latter can hide a real “crater.”

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Summary: How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

In short, if we want to prevent motorcycle accidents, we must take into account all of the above. And as a summary, here we leave you these valuable tips. Put them into practice!

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  • To start, remember to drive in perfect condition. No alcohol or drugs!
  • It keeps up the maintenance of the motorcycle and the corresponding revisions.
  • Biker equipment is your passive safety. Equip yourself properly!
  • Both day and night, make yourself seen. And check that all the optical groups of the motorcycle work correctly.
  • Avoid distractions. On a motorcycle, always be attentive.
  • On the road, drive at the right speed, keep the safety distance, and be careful when drawing the curves.
  • In the city, what has been said: a lot of attention, a sense of anticipation, and defensive driving.
  • And whether you are a veteran motorcyclist or have just arrived in the world on two wheels or have taken the car to the motorcycle, participating in a safe driving course will help you recycle or learn new notions. In all cases, the objective is the same: avoid motorcycle accidents.

How to React in the Event of a Motorcycle Accident?

Analyze the situation: Are there any injured people (and are you injured)? Can you move to? Can you drive a motorcycle and an accident vehicle to the side so as not to risk an accident?

In all cases, you must:

  • Protect: secure and mark the scene of the accident. If it is in good condition, the biker must put on his high visibility vest to be spotted, stop contacting damaged motorcycles, etc.;
  • Alert the emergency services as quickly as possible with location, nature of the accident, clearly and quietly explaining the potential risks, the number of injured, their condition, etc.;
  • Rescuing the wounded: if the victim does not move, he must not be transferred or take off his helmet (except immediate risk: explosion, collapse, etc.)

Write the amicable report: The friendly report, present in your top case, must be completed at the scene of the accident, by all the people involved in the motorcycle accident; As far as you have the capacity. If there are injuries, the police report must be provided to the insurer.


Admittedly, it is impossible to avoid motorcycle accidents 100%, because they do not depend solely on the driver. However, it is entirely possible to prevent them by taking into account all the precautions to be made. So, read our tips on how to avoid motorcycle accidents and follow them.



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