How to Get a Motorcycle License in Canada

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How to Get A Motorcycle License In Canada

A motorcycle is one of the budget-friendly vehicles that run on the road. And a license is required if you are going to ride it on the public roads. Now the question is, do you know how to get a motorcycle license in Canada?

First, you will have to be mature enough to apply for the license. After that, you will have to prove yourself physically strong and healthy to get the permit. So it is obvious not to get the pass easily or by giving a bribe as there is a strict punishment against it.

Take a few moments to read the whole article carefully to know every possible information.

Types of motorcycle license

As there are different types of motorcycles, there are different types of passes. The pass you will get will depend on the type of motorcycle you have. Generally, you will need an M class license, and they are of 3 kinds.

  • M1 and M2: full speed motorcycles
  • M1 and M2-L: limited speed motorcycles
  • M1 and M2-M: three-wheeled motorcycles

M1 and M2 license

According to law, you need to maintain some terms and conditions to get an M1 and M2 pass. Those are as follows:

  • You cannot have any rate of alcohol in your blood.
  • You have to ride only during the daytime. But after perfection, you can ride at night.
  • To wear a helmet is a must.
  • You cannot carry a passenger with you.
  • Other than the highway, you have to drive within 80 km/hr speed.

M1 and M2-L license

The terms and circumstances that are to be followed for getting this license are given below:

  • Your vehicle should be gas or electric-powered.
  • The maximum speed should be 70 km/hr.
  • Engine size should be 50 cubic centimeters or less.

M1 and M2-M license

The terms and circumstances that are to look on to receive this license are given underneath:

  • Your motorcycle should be three-wheeled.
  • There should be a maximum of four seats.
  • The weight of transport should not be more than 1,000 kg.
  • It should have straddled seating and handlebar.

Requirements for getting a motorcycle license

As you require utensils, spices, fire, and many more substances to cook food, there are also some requirements for getting a motorcycle license. Read to know if you are willing to obtain a road permit for driving.

  • You must be a Canadian citizen with a permanent or temporary resident.
  • You should be at least 16 years old.
  • You cannot have any eyesight problem.
  • You have to pay a charge to apply for a license and written exam.
  • You must pass the written test that deals with the rules and regulations of traffic law.

How to get a motorcycle license?

After fulfilling all the above requirements, you can now apply for the license. If you pass the eye and written exam smoothly, you will initially get an M1 pass before the full M license.

Remember, you will need to finish two learning levels; one is with a full-speed motorcycle, and the other is with a scooter. Afterward, it is time to pass two road tests.

Before you take your first road test, you need to wait a minimum of 60 days. This pass is known as the M1 license, and it will expire after 3 months.

Now it is the time for the second road test. After 18 to 22 months, you can take it. This is actually the final step for getting the full M license. But of course, you need to pass in the exam.

You have the highest 5 years to complete the learning procedure once you receive your M2 license. You will need to re-start if you do not get the full permit even after 5 years.

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What will you need to do for a road test?

To book your appointment for a road test, you will need to deliver:

  • Your valid driver’s license number.
  • The desired area for taking the assessment.
  • A second or third choice of area.
  • A suitable date and time.
  • If you have an emergency, you can cancel or reschedule the road test appointment.

Advantages of having a motorcycle license

There are many advantages one can have from the permit of a motorcycle. Nowadays, both men and women have the interest to run a vehicle on roads. It is at a time essential and fashionable to have such kind of motorcycle. Read below to know the benefits that you can have with the help of a motorcycle license:

  • You can go anywhere at any time.
  • You do not need to spend extra money for traveling.
  • You can ride legally without any issue.
  • Get a pause on your insurance rates.
  • You will get lawyer support if you face any accident.

What will happen if someone drives a motorcycle without a license?

There is a vast possibility of meeting road accidents if you drive a car without learning it. You will not only harm yourself but also people on the road near you. So it is against the law if someone runs any vehicle without a license.

As a result, the Criminal Code of Canada claimed that it is illegal as they are not well qualified. The punishment for this crime is to stay in jail for up to six months and a fine of $500.


So from the above article, you have known all about “how to get a motorcycle license in Canada?” Additionally, you have also learned about the types and the requirements of a motorcycle license.

License is very much significant to run on a road freely with your vehicle. You can go on a trip or emergency whenever you want without any issue. And also, in this modern era, it is impossible to step out of the house without a vehicle.

In a nutshell, to enjoy every road trip at a very low amount, you must avail a motorcycle license without any confusion.



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