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Driving without a license in Alberta is considered a criminal offence like any other part of the world. And depending on the condition and circumstances, the charges you will face will vary.

Alberta is a city of heavy traffic. So, to make the roadways safe and sound, the authority introduces some strict rules. Let’s know in detail what happens if you get caught driving without a license.

What Happens If You Drive without a License in Alberta?

If you get caught by traffic police while driving without a license, it’s totally up to the officer whether you get a punishment or not. They might decide not to charge you if there is any valid reason and just take your name and address to ensure your identity.

However, it will only happen if there is a valid reason – which is a very rare case, though! As it’s against Canadian law to drive without a license, you have to face punishment.

What Happens If You Get Pulled Over Without Your License Alberta?

Even if an officer decides not to charge you, you will be required to provide your name and address in order to be properly identified. The police officer can look you up at the moment to determine if you seem like the person on your driver’s license photo on file. Nonetheless, you are required to have your official driver’s license with you at all times.

What is Punishment for Driving without a License?

Alberta’s road safety is maintained by both the Criminal Code of Canada and the Government of Alberta. People with a Suspended License, unauthorized driving, or driving while prohibited in Alberta can result in fines, arrests, car seizures, or jail time.

It’s also possible that each authority gives you a different penalty for driving without a license when you are found guilty.

Have a look at the possible penalties below.

Tickets and fines

Ticket and fines are the minimal punishment for driving without a proper driver’s license. You can get a maximum fine of about $2000 to drive without a license. However, the fine can differ very slightly.

Fines can be of two types. One is mandatory fines which you must pay. And the other one is an additional fine that depends on the situation of your charge.

Well, although it’s a less serious punishment, you should contact an experienced lawyer in this case too. It’s to make sure that you pay for the crime you commit but not more than that.

Vehicle towing and impound

In the first time offence, your cars won’t be impounded. But from the second time, the officer in charge immediately seized and towed your vehicle to an impound lot.

For people who got a Suspended License, unauthorized driving or prohibited driving in Alberta, your car will be taken away for 30 days. Besides, you also have to bear all the expenses for storage and towing.

Jail time

As per your case’s condition, you may be sentenced to 2 weeks to 6 months jail time. The time varies based on the circumstances of your charges.

Since Alberta’s traffic rules are very strict, jail terms are common here.

What Happens If You Lost Your License?

If you lost your original license, or in case it has been mutilated or stolen, you should get a replacement immediately to avoid any kind of harassment. Otherwise, it would be very misfortunate if the police caught you driving without a license while you can’t show the paper for good reasons.

Besides, it’s very easy to receive a duplicate driving license through the Regional Transport Office (RTO). You need to apply online or direct from the office and pay the additional fees. So, there is no need to make things complicated.

How to Defend Yourself

In case you get caught in Alberta for driving without a license, you have the full right to defend yourself. With the right legal advisor, you can ensure a fair outcome. So, take this chance and make sure you pay for the crime you did and utilize all the ways to minimize your penalties.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you don’t have any confusion about what will happen if you get caught driving without a license in Alberta.

Getting penalties for traffic rules violations has quite a significant impact. Hence, if you have been charged for such a crime, you need to contact an experienced lawyer immediately. They can assist you in completing all the legal processes.

Drive carefully and be safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you get caught driving without a license in Canada?

In a first-time offence, police will issue only a violation ticket and not let you drive to your destination. The second time, the vehicles you ride will be impounded for seven days. And If you still continue driving and get caught for the third time, you will get a $500 fine and up to six months in jail.

What happens if you drive around with no license?

If you drive around with no license, you will get only a violation ticket for the first time, and the police also won't let you drive anymore. And the second time, your vehicles will be impounded for seven days. In the third time, you will get a $500 fine and up to six months in jail.

Does driving without a license invalidate insurance?

If your insurance company's policy includes a severe consequence for driving without a license, they might cancel your insurance. It's also possible that they will ask for a high premium from you.

What is the penalty for driving with a suspended license in Alberta?

According to Alberta's Traffic Safety Act, a person will be charged up to $2000 with a 6 months suspension for driving with a suspended license and might get 2 weeks to 6 months of imprisonment sentence. Besides, the vehicles will also be seized and impounded for 30 days while the registered owner has to pay the storage and towing fees.

How long does a license suspension stay on your record in Alberta?

The license suspension stays on your driving record for two years from the date of conviction in Alberta. And note that the conviction date is when you pay the ticket and are found guilty in court.



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