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A car accident is a nightmare for anyone. It may cause severe damage to the vehicle and bring bodily injury and mental distress. However, in Alberta, you have the right to claim an accident and get compensation for this.

Although any amount of compensation money won’t be ever enough, it might ease your suffering or relieve you from financial distress during such difficult times.

So, you’re in the right place if you want to know about car accident settlement payouts in Alberta.

How to Calculate Car Accident Settlements?

The car accident settlements are usually divided into economic damage and non-economic damages. In monetary damages, the court will calculate your physical damages or injuries.

On the other hand, there is no value in non-economic damages. Pain and suffering fall under non-economic damage. So, you can hardly measure them and require negation with other parties.

Note that the other party will always negotiate to lower the amount. If possible, they would also manipulate you to meet their needs. An accident lawyer can help you in such a situation.

Also, the settlement amount would differ based on the damage. So if you have a major injury, there’s more chance of getting more settlement amount.

Types of Accidents and the Settlement Amount

The settlement amount tends to vary on the accident type. Here’s a list of different accident types and their settlement value:

  • Car Accident Settlement in Alberta
  • Motor Vehicle Injury Settlement
  • Pedestrian Accident Settlement

Car Accident Settlement in Alberta

Every year around $4000 to $5300 is spent on minor car accident settlements. Some common minor injuries are bone fractures, whiplash, sprain, etc.

However, you can file for settlement within 6 months for an injury. The compensation will depend on the type of your injury.

If you get minor injuries, you will get a car accident settlement of around $4000 to $350000. You may file for pain and disability when you get minor injuries as they are part of “general damages.”

The major the injury is, the more settlement you would get. A major car accident settlement can cost up to $350000.

Motor Vehicle Injury Settlement

Auto injury and motor vehicle settlement are similar to car accident settlement. These include motor vehicle accidents, pedestrians hit by a car, auto accidents, etc.

According to the severity of your injuries, the settlement would increase or decrease. However, this process is similar to car accident settlement.

Pedestrian Accident Settlement

The “pedestrian hit by a car” settlement involves minor injuries, like fractured bones or whiplash. This type of injury was very common, so the government set rules and regulations to lower the rate.

However, a typical pedestrian accident settlement payout can differ from $5,000 to $500,000. If you find the other driver was falling asleep or drunk, the compensation will be more.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident?

The main factor in recovery from a car accident and injuries is the time length. This is because it takes a lot of time to come to a proper state after a car crash.

Eventually, if you have a minor injury, your car accident settlement would take around 6 to 9 months after you start your case. You need to know that you can’t change the compensation amount after reaching maximum medical improvement (MMI).

Most of the records are very important to get a good settlement amount in such stages. However, it can take 3 to 4 months to get the actual records.

If you have a personal injury lawyer, they can help you more with your case. As they’re professionals, they can easily get physician’s records of your injuries.

Why Hire a Lawyer for Car Accident Settlement Payouts?

So you might think hiring a lawyer after an accident may cause you an extra financial burden as you have to pay the lawyers too. However, this is not the case, as most injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means your lawyer will charge only when you win the case.

Apart from that, hiring a lawyer is worth it for several reasons. Here are 3 reasons to help you:

Better Experience

When you are in a car accident, you already have physical and mental traumas to deal with. So, you can hire a lawyer to help you. Compared to you, they have better skills and experience. Eventually, you will have a better settlement.

In every settlement claim, there are different options available. Additionally, when you take help from lawyers, they would suggest the best option for you.

Ability to Negotiate

Negotiation might not be your cup of tea, and it would be best to avoid doing it yourself. So, you can hire a lawyer to help you with the case. Many experienced lawyers can help you get the settlements.

Every insurance company wants to lower the settlement amount. Therefore, such firms can help you to negotiate with the insurance companies.

Assists with Legal Coverage

You should contact your injury lawyer as soon as possible when you’re injured. Plus, the other party might already hire a lawyer for themselves. If you don’t have a lawyer, there’s a high chance of losing the case.

As injuries would stop you from collecting different records and data, a lawyer would help you get proper evidence.

So, you should hire a lawyer to assist you with legal coverage. They will suggest the best option available for you. Also, they would fight till you win the case.

Final Verdict

The car accident settlement payouts vary on the seriousness of an injury. This means that the settlement will be high if the treatment takes longer.

However, the negotiation process that you go through with your insurance companies is quite difficult. Hence, you can take the help of a lawyer and start your settlement claims. With better experience, they can negotiate and assist you properly throughout the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can someone sue for a car accident in Alberta?

As previously stated, the MVAC Program's monetary ceiling for all claims stemming from a single accident is $200,000 (plus legal fees). You may be eligible to further compensation from your own insurance provider if your injuries are severe enough to surpass MVAC's payout limit.

How long does it take to settle a car accident claim in Alberta?

Approximately 98 percent of disputes are settled out of court. Prior to a final judgement at trial, your case might be settled at any moment. If a settlement cannot be reached before the trial, it may take 3 to 4 years for your case to be considered in court.

What is the cap on soft tissue injury in Alberta?

The amount of the Minor Injury Cap on general damages varies year to year. The Minor Injury Cap for vehicle accidents happening in 2020 is $5,296. The ceiling is $5,365 for incidents occurring in 2021 and $5,488 for accidents happening in 2022.

How long does an injury claim take to pay out?

As a general estimate, a claim might take 6 to 12 months if the treatment or care provider accepts culpability right away. For more difficult lawsuits, it might take 12 to 18 months if culpability is challenged. Cases that are really complicated might take a long time.



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