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Car Accident Settlement

Average car accident settlement in Canada, Airdrie, AB depends on the settlement amount applied in the application. Most of the time, people are being confused while they go through any accident claim cases. In this article we will walk you through the average settlement amount for car accident in Canada. Let’s begin.

Usually, when you go through accidents that cause different physical injuries and property damages, the first thing that comes to your mind is the amount of money you will need to pay to recover the damages. The accident may leave you with nothing but a few minor injuries and car damages.

However, you will still need to pay for your medical bills, bills for your car repairs, which can cause breakage to your life. Suppose you had never planned to cover these damages by filing an insurance claim or hiring a lawyer. In that case, you probably have no idea about the right amount of money you should be getting from an accident settlement.

Here we will give you a clear picture of the amount you can expect to get from car accident settlements.

Average Car Accident Settlement Amount in Canada

We will start off by telling you what a car accident settlement really means! If you have never planned about how to deal with the expenses of a car accident settlement, you probably also have never thought or looked up about car accident settlements.

So let us start with the simple definition of a car settlement. A car accident settlement was where the driver is causing the accident to pay up for all the damages caused to the victim of the accident. It is known as a settlement because paying up for the loss ends the case and settles it for good.  The amount is based upon a lot of factors about which we will get to in a while.

In order for you to get the settlement amount, you do need to file a claim or a personal injury lawsuit. The claim or lawsuit should be against the driver to be blamed. Hence the accused. Anyone to be blamed for an accident should have gone against the required degree of safe driving levels.

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What Can Cause an Accident?

It is of paramount importance that drivers are obedient to the law and well aware of the traffic patterns. Besides, it is also within their duties to drive sensibly and ensure their vehicles are safe enough to drive on the road.

Failing to follow any one or more of these could lead to detrimental consequences cause by road accidents. Road accidents are among the most common types of accidents and causing hundreds of injuries and deaths every year.

Negligence to follow the laws while driving is one of the main causes of road accidents. Perhaps it is most commonly seen during driving lessons. During the lessons, the drivers are taught to maintain sufficient space to stop the car if the car in front suddenly brakes.

How to Determine the Person at Fault?

There is a very systematic procedure to be followed to determine the person at fault. Most of the process is followed by law enforcement here. The police will carry out their investigation of the scene of an accident, talk to each and every individual involved, and only then a police report is filed.

This report is very important for anyone who wants to file a claim or seek insurance. This report will be one of the strongest pieces of evidence to support your case or make your case stand. This is because the more evidence you have to prove that the other person driving was at fault, the greater your chances of getting a fair settlement.

A car accident settlement in Airdrie, AB, Canada does not usually go to court trials. The main reason behind this is that they do not really get past the case’s initial stages. Usually, there is enough evidence to conclude the case by penalizing the person at fault. The settlement is paid, and then the case is closed.

With a good amount of evidence, the defendant sees little chance of winning at court trials. This is why the defendants are looking for a settlement to get free from the blame and trials. Settlements mean that the defendant is ready to give the victim compensation.

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How Much Can You Expect to Receive from a Car Accident Settlement?

Now that the background has been covered, we will look into how the calculation settlement amount is done in the case of car accidents. Hiring a lawyer is the best option for you if you want to get the deserved amount of compensation from the accused person. Before that you should know how to hire a lawyer in Canada?

For car accidents, the settlements can vary greatly. There is no “one for all” policy for car accident settlements. A particular injury does not necessarily mean a particular settlement amount. There are quite a few aspects that are taken into account for this calculation.

The experience of victims in a car is likely to be different from one another. For example, two victims suffering from identical type of injury are likely to differ in terms of these aspects:

  • Duration spent in the hospital
  • Cognitive, behavioral, and physical damages
  • Recovery time after suffering from the accident
  • Disruption in their working ability
  • Different kinds of rehabilitative therapy you need
  • Lifelong disability
  • Emotional Trauma or damage caused
  • Pain & Suffering Due to the Accident

Apart from your body’s ability to recover and react to an injury, the settlement amount is determined by some other factors as well. For example, the bill incurred, your wages or salary, the amount of trauma, suffering, and stress you have endured and will have to endure in the future. Pain and suffering due to the accident also has different compensation settlement according to Canadian law. Read more about pain and suffering compensation settlement.

Importance of Calculating expenses

A very important part of determining your fair car accident settlement amount is calculating your expenses to recover from the damages accurately. The conventional method is to calculate all your piling bills from your car accident. This includes all of your assumed medical bills, car damage bills, etc.

Then you are required to determine the loss of your salary for not showing up to work while recovering from injuries. This includes calculating both your current lost wages and the anticipated future loss of wages.

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You will need to calculate these by figuring out the time you are losing, and you could lose to recover from your damages. For medical bills, you need to talk to your doctor to figure out your recovery time and the rest depends on the amount of money you make.

Final Words on Average Car Accident Settlement

Here we have provided you with a clear picture of what a car accident settlement can do for you! Car accidents come without notice hence you always need to be prepared. So far, you have read how important it is to have evidence for your case and to claim for a settlement amount.

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This is why you need to stay alert at each stage of your case to be able to ensure you get that settlement amount. You can easily calculate the amount of average car accident settlement in Canada, Airdrie, AB you should receive by using the methods discussed above. Go through the important parts and stay prepared for any future unfortunate incidents as such.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do you get from a car accident settlement in Canada?

The Supreme Court of Canada has set a limit on damages for pain and suffering. The maximum payout varies with inflation but is usually around $350,000.

What is average settlement payout for whiplash injury Canada?

For a mild soft tissue damage, the compensation ranges from $5,000 to $10,000, while for a catastrophic injury, it ranges from Canada has a straightforward whiplash payout scale.

Is a settlement considered income?

Settlements and damages from lawsuits are normally taxable by the IRS. Except for personal injury settlements (Note: car accident settlements and slip and fall settlements are nontaxable)

How much should you ask for in a settlement?

The accident victim should always expect more than the case is worth when making an initial settlement demand. There is no established guideline, but asking for three times the medical expenditures is appropriate.



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