ICBC Claim Process

This article contains the ICBC claim process. Having a car accident can be traumatic and confusing. It is, therefore, useful to know what to do immediately after such an event. Understanding how your insurer will handle your claim can also give you some peace of mind. Claiming your ICBC seems easy, but how can I […]

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How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer?

An accident always happens to you unexpectedly. If you have sustained an injury, you are initially only concerned with your health. Settling the damage becomes essential at a later stage. Nevertheless, in the first period, the insurer of the person causing the accident often seeks contact with the victim. It is then wise to consult […]

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How to avoid Motorcycle Accidents?

You should know how to avoid motorcycle accidents. The motorcycle has become one of the means of transport of greater use, given its speed of transfers, versatility, fuel economy and low maintenance and acquisition costs. However, this growth has been overshadowed by more serious road accidents, which has increased at almost the same rate as […]

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