Truck Crashes: Severity of Wreckage & Importance of a Truck Crash Lawyer

Trucks are heavy vehicles that are difficult to operate. Their heavyweight and massive structure lead to a number of a hazardous situation that includes brake failure and blind spots. In Canada, the winter season makes the situation worse when roads deteriorate with the cold weather and limited traction. All these make trucks significantly prone to […]

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An Overview of Bike Accidents in Canada: Is Canada Prone to Bike Accidents?

It is a bright and sunny evening where the sun’s golden ray is falling on the street near a house in Toronto. You beg your mother to allow you to go cycling, but she insists it is unsafe. When we talk about two-wheelers, we often consider danger and convenience together. Bikes are one of the […]

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What are Standard Personal Injury Compensation Rates

Everyone should know about the standard personal injury compensation rates. An accident leaves the injured person’s life in a severe mess. He can neither work nor carry on living life like before, and the bills are high-rising while the pain and suffering remain immeasurable. In such a state, the Canadian court allows and awards compensation […]

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