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How to Get a Work Injury Lawyer in Alberta?

Injured in your workplace due to others’ negligence? Your employer is not giving enough compensation even if they are responsible? Well, you can sue your employer or the person responsible for the workplace injury with the help of a lawyer. Getting proper treatment and compensation when you are injured at the workplace during your shift […]

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Driving without Insurance in Alberta – Risks, Fines & Consequences

Like in other parts of Canada, driving without insurance has several consequences. Fundamentally, it’s not a criminal act. But you will have many other risks that you will find out in this article. Continue reading to know what exactly happens if caught driving without insurance. What is the ‘Driving without Insurance’ Law in Alberta? Vehicle […]

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What is Acquired Brain Injury

Brain injury can be in many forms. In this article, we’ve discussed acquired brain injury, its causes and effects, and other necessary details to care for it. What is Acquired Brain Injury? In simple terms, acquired brain injury is any damage to your brain after birth. It may include any infection, diseases, surgery, trauma etc., […]

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