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Personal Injury Lawyer in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Before hiring personal injury lawyer in Airdrie, you need to read this article. Most personal injury cases are either automobile accidents or slip and fall injury cases. Yet you can have a personal injury case any time someone else’s negligence hurts you in some way.

You have a personal injury case at any time:

  1. Someone has a duty of care to you.
  2. They fail in that duty.
  3. You suffer as a result of that failure.

One example might be a product liability case. In this case, you purchase a product from someone else. They have a “duty of care” to provide you with a reasonably safe product.

If you use the product exactly as instructed and it hurts you because it was defective in some way, then the product manufacturer has failed in their duty. Your injuries are a direct result of that failure.

Another important example might be a dog bite case. If you got bitten or mauled because a pet parent failed to control the dog then you could be entitled to compensation.

Sometimes a personal case is the result of even more sinister action. For example, we have worked in many nursing home abuse cases. In this instance, a nursing home employee has deliberately set out to harm, neglect, or abuse a loved one. That loved one may then need intensive psychiatric and medical care to recover.

You shouldn’t have to pay for those expenses out of pocket as you had every right to expect that your loved one would be treated well at that facility. Instead, the nursing home should compensate you so you can make your loved one whole again.

There are many other examples.

To many people, getting compensated seems almost obvious. Why shouldn’t a negligent company pay when they hurt someone else?

Unfortunately, there are dozens of ways a negligent party can wriggle out of paying. They can try to claim you were at fault for the accident, for example. Or they can try to prove there was no direct link between your injury and their actions. They may even try to fool you into taking much less than they owe you so they can close the case.

Worse, they may try to trick you into taking actions that weaken your case and strengthen theirs.

The best way to protect yourself is to talk to a lawyer as soon as you think you might have a case. We’ll help you determine if you have a personal injury case and how strong it is. We’ll help you determine your next steps so you don’t make any mistakes.

If we decide to work together you don’t have to worry about putting any money down. We don’t get paid unless you do. Most of our clients walk away with much more money with our help than they ever could have gotten on their own. Now you have a complete idea of how to personal injury lawyer in Airdrie.

Getting started is easy. Just email contact@airdrielawyer.com to schedule your consultation. Bring the facts of your case as you understand them and any questions you might have.



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