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Car Accident Settlement

Average Car Accident Settlement Amount in Canada

Usually, when you go through accidents that cause damages, the first thing that comes to your mind is the amount of money you will need to pay to recover the damages. The accident may leave you with nothing but a few minor injuries and car damages. However, you will still need to pay for your […]

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Worst car accident injuries

Worst Car Accident Injuries You Can Get from a Car Accident

To make life easy and speedy, it is essential to have a car. But what will happen if this car becomes the reason for your injury. So, in this article, you will get to know about the worst car accident injuries that a victim can experience. It does not even take a second to occur […]

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Pain and suffering compensation

Pain and Suffering Compensation in Canada: The Definite Guide

Pain and suffering from an accident has economic and non-economic factors involved then how pain and suffering compensation is calculated? Here is the answer; there are professionals and experts who use their methods and tools to calculate pain and suffering compensation in Canada. Accidents that are caused by someone else’s negligence can cause you to […]

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