Personal Injury Lawyers in Airdrie, AB

  • Work with determined personal injury lawyers who get results.
  • Pain and suffering compensation can range from $5,000 to $350,000 depending on the injuries.
  • Call for a free case assessment with no obligations.
  • Our team works on contingency which means you pay nothing until you win!
  • Loss of income past and future is often a significant component of injury claims.
  • Recovery of out of pocket costs for medical bills and property damage to vehicles.
  • Responsive and effective lawyers who will keep you in the loop.
  • Trial lawyers who will work tirelessly for the highest compensation for you.
  • Trial lawyers with complex experience, including motorcycle liability cases, and catastrophic injuries

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Practice Areas

Airdrie Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are the most common kind of personal injury case. Yet “common” doesn’t mean simple. Insurance companies want to force you to pay for all of your expenses out-of-pocket. Let us help you fight back.

Airdrie Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Severe injuries, severe stigma, and a lack of understanding about the special twists and turns of motorcycle accident can make these cases harder to win. Put our team of experienced litigators on your side. We get results!

Airdrie Truck Accident Lawyer

Injured by a commercial truck driver? You’ve got a long fight ahead of you. Let us be your advocates. We’ll help you hold the corporation accountable so you get the compensation you need to recover.

Airdrie Pedestrian & Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Hit by a car while walking on the sidewalk or riding your bicycle? Don’t let that negligent driver off the hook. Pedestrians never win their cases automatically. You need a lawyer: one who will keep the insurance companies honest.

Airdrie Slip & Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents are always more serious than the media makes them out to be. These sorts of injuries can lead to lifelong complications and are usually the result of a negligent property owner’s failure of responsibility.

Airdrie General Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many types of personal injury cases: defective products, willful torts, elder abuse and neglect cases, and more. The real question isn’t how you were injured: it’s who failed in their duty of care. Any time you are injured by someone else’s negligence, Airdrie Lawyer can help.


What makes us different? Why hire us over any other personal injury lawyer in Airdrie?

  • Education. We make sure you understand your case and everything that can       impact its outcome.
  • Strategy. We are honest about the case’s strengths and weaknesses, and      develop plans to emphasize the strengths.
  • Collaboration. We’ll discuss your options with you. Ultimately, the decisions          are yours to make. We’re here to serve you.
  • Availability.  Some lawyers leave clients hanging. We never will. We return        calls and take proactive steps to ensure you always know exactly what’s    happening with your case.

Get help from a team of passionate lawyers who have been at this for decades, people who understand the very real impact a personal injury case outcome can have on a person's life.

Work with people who provide you with actionable advice, defend your rights, and who aren't afraid to litigate your case in court when the situation calls for it.

Get a level of service that other firms aren't prepared to provide, simply because they don't have the resources to do so. We do, and so we can give you the one-on-one attention you deserve.

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A Strong Track Record

We've helped our clients win hundreds of cases. We can help you win yours, too.



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